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June 21, 2021

School Board honors retiring Maple Avenue principal

A packed crowd was on hand to bid retiring Maple Avenue Principal Kristin Koeper-Hamblin farewell. After 19 years as principal, Koeper-Hamblin announced her retirement.

2021-22 school year planning underway

Barring a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, the Hamilton School District is planning for the 2021-22 school year to be without many of the restrictions and modifications required in the past year. In general, visitors and volunteers will be allowed, cohort guidelines will be relaxed, students will be able to work in groups, music classes will not be restricted, and field trips may resume.

Some measures will stay in place, such as placement of hand sanitizers, handwashing reminders and food service procedures designed for touchless point-of-sale operations, avoidance of self-serve food stations and commonly touched items.

Virtual learning

Because a vaccine is readily available for children age 12 and older, a virtual option will not be offered for students in grades 7-12. 

For younger students, however, a vaccine is expected to be ready by early fall. Grades 4K-6 families will receive a survey in the next two weeks asking them to commit to an in-person or virtual option. A decision on whether to offer a virtual option at grades 4K-6 will be based on the number of families who commit to that option; virtual instruction may not be available at every grade level.

Face coverings and close contact quarantines

Face coverings and quarantines due to close contact will not be required, but if there is an outbreak of COVID-19, the district reserves the right to adjust to health-related concerns as appropriate. 

Federal regulations still mandate the use of masks while on busses, and the district will continue to follow federal, state and county health department regulations.


The district will continue enhanced electrostatic and ultraviolet light cleaning and sanitizing after the school day and increased ventilation in classrooms throughout the day.

Monitoring of symptoms

Families will be asked to monitor their children for symptoms before sending them to school each day.

Student services

More counselors will be available for students in grades 6-12.

Student honored for HFAC artwork selection

Hamilton High School Sophomore Mahayla Mottl was recognized for having a piece of her artwork chosen for permanent display in the Hamilton Fine Arts Center.

District wellness efforts assessed

A wellness policy assessment was completed this year that determined the strengths and weaknesses of the district wellness policy which was adopted in 2006. A newly formed Wellness Committee — spearheaded by Food and Nutrition Services Manager Kira King and Assistant Manager Calli Buchholz — reviewed School Board policies, implemented formal assessment tools and made recommendations to update the district wellness policy.

They used the Rudd Center’s Wellness School Assessment Tool (WellSAT) to compare the district’s policy to best practices in the areas of nutrition education, nutrition standards for foods, physical education and activity, wellness promotion and marketing, and implementation, evaluation and communication.

The committee recommended changes to the policy to create a more comprehensive plan. The policy now includes: defined wellness plan goals; standards and nutrition guidelines for foods and beverages available to students; guidelines for marketing of food and beverages; opportunities for stakeholder involvement; assessment and implementation guidelines; and reporting and communication related to the district wellness plan.

Significant strengths of the district plan were standards for USDA Child Nutrition Program and School Meals and implementation, evaluation and communication. Areas for improvement included links to applicable School Board policies and external resources in the wellness policy and development of a social-emotional wellness component. Next steps for the committee will be to communicate the Wellness Plan.

Easement for Sussex water main approved

The School Board approved a resolution authorizing the conveyance and dedication of a portion of the district water main system and a water utility easement to the Village of Sussex. The action granted the laying of a water main on district property off of Silver Spring Drive which the village will maintain.The action provides a secondary source of water for Hamilton, Templeton and Silver Spring schools and allows for proper looping of the village water system.

Board renews contract with SWSA

School Board members authorized the district to renew participation in the Southeastern Wisconsin School Alliance (SWSA). The 32-member alliance provides school leaders from southeastern Wisconsin with objective, non-partisan information and training as they work with policymakers regarding education issues. The annual cost to participate in SWSA is $3,200 per school district.

Reports, documents get OK

Many reports and documents were approved including:

  • a three-year contract with Froedtert to provide athletic training services at no cost to the district which includes coverage of all sport and and on-site training from 1-6 p.m. each school day;
  • employee handbooks;
  • elementary, intermediate, middle and high school student handbooks;
  • high school National Honor Society handbook;
  • Hamilton 2021-22 co-curricular handbooks;
  • district emergency nursing services policies and procedures;
  • bloodborne pathogens procedures;
  • special education procedures handbook; and
  • membership in the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association.