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Hamilton students earn W!se certification

Hamilton High School’s Personal Finance students earned a 95% pass rate on the national Working In Support of Education (W!se) Financial Literacy Certification test, and 12 students were named Financial Literacy Ambassadors. To be named Financial Literacy Ambassador, students must earn a 95% or better test score and are eligible for a monetary scholarship.

The 12 students named Financial Literacy Ambassador are:

  • Kendall Rakowski
  • Lucas Ruiz
  • Kate Blankenheim
  • Josephine Maurer
  • Aidan Enneking
  • Sonia Estrada
  • Mikayla Kauffmann
  • Delaney Klawitter
  • Sarah Onysio
  • Aaron Phalphouvong
  • Elizabeth Ostdick
  • Nevaeh Hughes

53 students enrolled in Amanda Fields and Chris Oechsner’s Personal Finance classes passed the annual W!se test and became Certified Financially Literate. The Personal Finance course includes units on credit, housing, transportation, taxes and insurance among other future finance areas.

W!se is a nonprofit that provides education support services nationwide to build financial literacy,  foster business and social entrepreneurship and prepare students for college and the global workplace.