Need to know about winter recess at Silver Spring

Students will continue to get the option of going outside for 15 minutes of recess during their lunch time.

Boots are highly encouraged. Long narrow mats have been placed in front of lockers so that the boots can dry and keep our floors and locker bottoms dry. Coats may need to hang on the open doors of lockers to dry as we adjust to having more outdoor gear in the cooler months.

Snow pants and boots are required for students planning on playing in the snow. Students wearing shoes must stay on blacktop area.

Other options for recess include staying inside to socialize, play cards or board game, read a book, play intramurals or use a pass to visit the library.


Map of traffic flow at Silver Spring

Parents can drop off students starting at 8:10 a.m. Both drop off and pick up will happen in front of the building.

When picking up students, please pull all the way forward to the end of the sidewalk to accommodate other cars.

Common questions from Silver Spring parents:

Can parents visit for lunch?

Parents who make arrangements in advance will be able to visit their children for lunch.

What measures are being taken to keep students safe on Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are configured so that internet content is filtered when students use the device at school or at home. In addition, students sign a Technology Acceptable Use Agreement in which they agree to not: reveal or post identifying personal information and files; communicate to unknown persons through email or other means using the internet; share their password; download or install programs, files or games; attempt to view or share material that is unacceptable in a school (pornography, obscenity, violence, vulgarity, etc.). Teachers are provided a software tool to manage and monitor Chromebook use while in class.

What is the school structure like? How much time will be spent on each subject area?

Intermediate school is a blend between the self-contained classrooms at the elementary level and full-scale house system at middle school. Students are in two-teacher teams – one humanities teacher will cover English language arts and social studies, and another will teach math and science. Approximately 50 students are in each team. Each teacher has a block of approximately 120 minutes to deliver instruction. Because each block is integrated, teachers have the flexibility to extend or abbreviate instruction in a subject as needed.

Each day students have two 41-minute allied arts classes – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Allied arts classes include music, fitness, art, family & consumer science, applied engineering & technology and health & wellness. Guidance lessons are integrated through some allied arts classes. World language classes is not be offered until students are at the middle school where French, German and Spanish languages will be introduced to grade 7 students during a 9-week exploratory class for each language.

Students also have a 33-minute advisement period where they can access academic resources, meet with teachers, receive academic interventions, complete homework and develop organizational skills.

Teams start the day with about five minutes in homeroom where organizational matters will be handled. They transition among classes at teacher direction and will not use a formal bell system.

Two teams form a 4-teacher house which allows for student groupings to better meet instructional needs of each student.

Are parents be able to see assignments online?

Students and parents are able to see student work and progress through Infinite Campus.

Do lockers have combination padlocks?

Student lockers are located in their houses. They do not have padlocks.