Need to know about winter recess at Silver Spring

Students will continue to get the option of going outside for 15 minutes of recess during their lunch time.

Boots are highly encouraged. Long narrow mats have been placed in front of lockers so that the boots can dry and keep our floors and locker bottoms dry. Coats may need to hang on the open doors of lockers to dry as we adjust to having more outdoor gear in the cooler months.

Snow pants and boots are required for students planning on playing in the snow. Students wearing shoes must stay on blacktop area.

Other options for recess include staying inside to socialize, play cards or board game, read a book, play intramurals or use a pass to visit the library.

Parent drop off, pick up

Map of traffic flow at Silver Spring

Parents can drop off students starting at 8:10 a.m. Both drop off and pick up will happen in front of the building.

When picking up students, please pull all the way forward to the end of the sidewalk to accommodate other cars.