Drop off procedures

To ensure students get to class safely and in a timely manner, we ask that you review and be mindful of the following drop off procedures through this presentation.

The student drop off area is an area of constant movement. We ask that your child be ready to quickly exit your vehicle when you reach the designated drop-off area. Only students should exit the vehicle in the drop off line.  Thank you for keeping our kids safe and the line moving.

Emergency contact information

This year it is especially important that the Woodside health room can reach your child’s emergency contacts in a timely manner. At least one contact must be available to pick up an ill child within 30 minutes.

Please be sure your emergency contact information is up-to-date and consider adding extra contacts to your child’s Infinite Campus account if possible.

Playground help needed

We have multiple openings for paid positions for lunch and recess supervision. Hours are 10:45 AM -12:45 PM. This could be  rotating and/or substitute positions. Please contact Dr. Edmond for more details or to apply.


If your child requires any medications during the day, prescription or over the counter medication (including cough drops, pain relievers, allergy medication or vitamins), they must be stored and administered in the school office. A Medication Permission Form must be completed and returned to school for each medication. All medications must be brought in by an adult and be in their original packaging. In addition, prescription medications require a doctor’s signature. This guideline is in place for the safety of our students.

Reporting student absences from school

A written note is no longer required for normal daily absences when parents call or send emails notifying the school office.  Schools prefer that parents report absences by calling the school office at 262-820-1530 or emailing a message to woodsideattendance@hamilton.k12.wi.us.

Family Vacation Request Forms are still required

A Family Vacation Request form must still be completed when students will be absent for a family vacation, and state law requires that written notices must be provided to the school office for absences for religious reasons.

Birthday treats

As we strive for a safer environment, we ask families to refrain from sending classroom birthday treats to school. All students will receive a special birthday treat and card from the Woodside staff to enjoy on or around their birthday (or half birthday). Thank you for understanding.