Woodside to observe Red Ribbon Week

“YOLO You Only Live Once – Live Well!” is the Red Ribbon Week theme at Woodside. All Woodside students will receive a silicone PAWS bracelet with a healthy, drug-free message. Students will also have an opportunity to earn a red ribbon token by completing a Healthy Habits at Home chart.

Monday, Oct. 24 –
• Daily theme – “Mindfulness Monday!”
• Students are invited to wear red and will learn how focusing their attention can help at school.

Tuesday, Oct. 25 –
• Daily theme – “Healthy sleep habits”
• Students will learn how many hours of sleep are needed and what they should do to have a good night’s sleep.

Wednesday, Oct. 26 –
• Daily theme – “Healthy eating”
• There will be a discussion about healthy foods and how to have a balanced diet.

Thursday, Oct. 27 –
• Daily theme – “Exercise”
• The role of exercise in emotional and physical health will be reviewed.

Friday, Oct. 28 –
• Daily theme – “Healthy friendships”
• Students will discuss how friendships help us live well and how Woodside’s “WE B4 Me “ slogan relates to friendship.

5 ways to stay connected at Woodside

Our newsletter, Woodside World, is sent to parents each Friday during the school year to inform you about what is happening at school and provide opportunities for involvement. Here are some tips to keep you connected and informed:

  • Look for the links under Community Events in the lower right corner to find afterschool and community activities for your children. Paper flyers are no longer sent home with students.
  • Whitelist addresses with our domain ( by adding them to your contacts or configure your junk or SPAM filters so they are recognized as safe.
  • Check your email junk folder if you have not received a school newsletter in a week.
  • Do not use the unsubscribe option at the bottom of our email messages. Instead, go into the Infinite Campus Portal and change your email address or settings. When an email is unsubscribed using the option on the newsletter, the district is not able to send to that address in the future. This includes messages sent from our school and all other communication from the district or other schools.
  • Be aware that if you forward a message, the recipient is able to unsubscribe your email address from our system without your knowledge.