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Special Services

The Special Services Department includes special education, school nursing and school counseling. If you have questions, comments or would like to speak with someone directly about  any of these areas, please contact the Special Services supervisor John Peterson at (262) 246-1973 x1184 or email In addition, you will find Special Services staff members by school location and position on the online district staff directory.

Special education

The district serves students with a wide range of academic, social, emotional, behavioral, intellectual and communicative needs ages 3 – 21. To help meet the needs of our students with disabilities, each school has talented and hardworking staff of special education teachers, speech and language pathologists, psychologists, occupational and physical therapists, interpreters for the hearing impaired, program support teachers and social workers.

To help meet our students’ needs, we believe in working closely with our families and communicating a clear and effective educational program at the Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting. If your son or daughter is not identified as having a disability but you potential suspect that they have a delay in one or more areas of development, feel free to contact our office or your building principal regarding the next steps.

School nursing

The Hamilton School District contracts with two licensed school nurses to oversee all of our students’ health needs. They help coordinate Individual Health Care Plans of students with specific health care needs. They also oversee any training that our school staff may need to support our students with health needs. We have health room aides and volunteers in our schools to assist the school staff with day-to-day illnesses and health supports.

School counseling

Our schools have licensed school counselors to assist students with social, emotional, and academic and career planning needs. If you would like to speak to one of our school counselors at any of our schools, please contact the main office of your child’s school. Whether your child needs to access our school counselors for short-term support and assisting them with a struggle or if they need ongoing guidance, please feel free to contact our school counseling staff. They can share what services are available to you within the district as well as point you to resources within our community that may be available for your to access.

Additional resources for families