Virtual attendance

Students in grades 7-12 who are taking virtual courses this semester will be responsible for checking themselves into their classes through Infinite Campus.

It is important for students to check themselves in for their classes each morning, as this is how attendance will be taken and monitored. Checking in once daily will mark them as being “present” for the entire day of virtual learning. Students do not need to check in to each individual class.

Please note that check-ins cannot be completed before 5 a.m. Virtual teachers have the ability to override attendance check-ins if they do not see participation or engagement from students.

Students should follow these steps to complete their daily check in:

  • Go to Infinite Campus
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Click “Today” then “Check-Ins → Attendance”

Virtual attendance directions 1

  • Click “Yes, I’m here.”


If you have any questions regarding attendance, or to report absences, please use your respective school office attendance emails:

Emergency contact information

This year it is especially important that the TMS health room can reach your child’s emergency contacts in a timely manner. At least one contact must be available to pick up an ill child within 30 minutes.

Please be sure your emergency contact information is up-to-date and consider adding extra contacts to your child’s Infinite Campus account if possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

Student Services available for students and families

Click here for the TMS Student Services website. Here you will find resources for your social, emotional, behavioral and academic success. Please use this form if you would like to be contacted by a Student Services team member. We are here to support you!

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