Forward Exam testing begins in April

Wisconsin Forward Exam testing at Templeton will be held April 16-26.

Students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade will take the English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics tests. Eighth grade students will also take the science and social studies tests.

During Templeton’s testing window, we would appreciate if parents could please refrain from taking students out of school for appointments, meetings, vacations, etc.

  • Grade 6 will test April 16 and 23.
  • Grade 7 will test April 17 and 24.
  • Grade 8 will test April 18, 19, 25 and 26.

Parking lot safety and reminders

Reminder to parents that there is no parking in front of school
Parents are reminded that the curb area in front of Templeton Middle School is a designated fire zone and parking or stopping along the curb is not allowed. Please do  not park directly in front of school; cars that do so will be ticketed. Also, please note the one-way signs in the parking lot.

Picking up and dropping off students
When dropping off students before school or picking up students after school, parents are reminded to be watchful for students, other parents and staff pedestrian traffic. Please note the clearly marked cross walk areas and allow for pedestrian right-of-way.

Thank you for your cooperation with monitoring parking lot procedures to ensure the safety of students, parents and staff.

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