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Teaching & Learning

a photo of an elementary school classroom full of students with their hands raised as a teacher holds up a book that she's reading.

Our purpose:

The Teaching and Learning Team ensures that the district’s curriculum remains relevant, research-based, and allows students multiple pathways to show their learning through high-quality instructional teaching methods.

Our vision:

To collaboratively create the structures and systems necessary to support a cohesive high-quality teaching and learning environment for staff and students.

Our work is:

  • Student-centered with learning at the forefront;
  • About intentionality, coherence, and alignment;
  • Driven by meaningful reflection and thoughtful decision-making;
  • Inclusive of all learners;
  • Built around an understanding that learning is the constant and time is the variable;
  • About giving teachers agency, allowing them to think critically about teaching and learning;
  • Authentic; We are willing to model, try, and do the work as well;
  • Leading vs. managing; Doing vs. watching; Transformational vs. transactional; Proactive vs. reactive.

Our guiding questions:

  • What is high quality teaching and learning?
  • What does high quality teaching and learning look like at each grade level? in each content area? for each student?
  • How do we ensure all students are provided with high quality learning experiences?
  • How do we build the capacity and efficacy of our staff to actualize high quality teaching and learning in each and every classroom?
  • How do we create efficient and effective systems of communication?

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