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Emergency School Closings

A variety of circumstances may require district officials to close school, delay opening or call for an early dismissal. Families should prepare for the possibility of unexpected closings by keeping information in Infinite Campus up to date and having a plan they go over with children to ensure they have a safe place to be if school is called off.

Factors affecting decision about closing including temperature and wind chill

The Hamilton School District considers multiple factors when determining whether to operate during inclement weather. Road conditions, temperature and wind chill factors are considered. Student safety is the utmost concern.

Wind chill warning vs. advisory determines when schools close
In general, schools close when temperatures reach a wind chill “warning” which is 35 degrees below zero or colder with winds at least four miles per hour for three or more hours. Expect schools to be open during a wind chill “advisory” when temperatures are 20-34 degrees below zero. this is a standard used by all Waukesha County school districts. In addition, input is sought from local departments of public works, Waukesha Sheriff’s Department, our bus company and the National Weather Service.

These are guidelines and extenuating circumstances may affect the decision about whether school will be open or closed.

When school is open, all students are expected to attend. However, individual circumstances vary, and parents make the ultimate decision for the welfare of their children.

How families are notified

When schools close, the district will communicate to families and staff using Infinite Campus tools (automated phone calls, texts and emails), district website, district Facebook page, employee intranet and announcements to television and radio stations.

Following are details about the Infinite Campus automated notification system:

  • Calls and texts likely will occur between 5:15 – 6:30 a.m. if school is cancelled or delayed.
  • The system will call the numbers provided in Infinite Campus, including home, work and cell phone numbers.
  • The technology is not able to dial extensions, advance through an automated attendant message system or call toll free numbers.
  • If a call goes to voicemail or an answering machine, the system will leave a message.
  • The system will not contact people designated as emergency contacts such as grandparents or neighbors.
  • Information will be posted on the district website home page when the calling system has been activated.

Radio, television

In addition, television or radio stations will be informed about school delays or closings, including the following:

  • WJMR-FM 98.3
  • WZBK-FM 106.9
  • WITI-TV Channel 6
  • WTMJ-AM 620
  • WISN-TV Channel 12
  • WXFS KISS-FM 103.7
  • WTMJ-TV Channel 4
  • WHQG-FM 102.9
  • WSSP-AM 1250
  • Lake-FM 94.5
  • WKLH-FM 96.5
  • WDJT-TV Channel 58

Students in daycare

The district tries to make a timely decision so that parents can plan appropriate arrangements for daycare. To ensure that children have a safe place to be, parents should go over the plan with their children in advance.

Availability of bus drivers

Because bus drivers are part-time employees, it takes about two hours notice to retrieve school buses to dismiss school early.

Individual concerns

When school is open, all students are expected to attend. However, individual circumstances vary and parents make the ultimate decision for the welfare of their children.