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Volunteering in Schools

Why Volunteer?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering in the Hamilton School District!

Volunteers bring special skills and resources to our schools, and we are always looking for dedicated parents, senior citizens and community members who seek meaningful opportunities to make a difference for children.

Hamilton School District welcomes family and community volunteers to reinforce ties between home, the larger community and our schools. Volunteers give much to students.  In return, volunteers receive smiles, love and the satisfaction of helping to make a difference in a child’s life.  Your commitment is needed and appreciated.

How to Volunteer

Parents are encouraged to contact the school’s front office or home & school/parent-teacher groups to learn about volunteer needs at their children’s school. Contact information for school staff can be found here.

We care about the safety of our students and staff, so all volunteers must complete the Volunteer Application Form and be approved before they can begin to volunteer at a school site. Volunteers who work with students will need to submit to a criminal history records check, and those chosen to volunteer will be under the direct supervision of a designated professional staff member.

Those interested in volunteering should also review the School Board’s policy outlining the proper code of conduct.

Volunteer Opportunities for Senior Citizens

Many of our volunteers are students’ parents or senior citizens involved in the Seniors & Student Program.

Individuals age 55 and older may reach out to Seniors & Students Coordinator Jeannette Choate via email at or by phone at 262-246-1973. Currently over 250 senior citizens are involved in the program, having a direct or indirect impact on hundreds of students.