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November 15, 2010

School Board learns more about classroom web pages

School Board members learned how Moodle technology is helping students and staff learn and teach in more interactive and efficient ways. Hamilton High School communication arts teacher John Washbush gave an overview of ways that teachers and advisors use Student Resources web pages to communicate, organize, present, gather information and manage courses. In addition to the web pages that were created for students, Washbush highlighted ways that teachers used Moodle technology to share professional resources among colleagues.

But one of the most engaging aspects of Moodle technology, according to Washbush, is the forum feature. Washbush showed various types of forums that allow students to interact with one another as they complete assignments, provide peer review of material and collaborate in research projects. He said the use of online forums often results in students comments that highly detailed.

Templeton’s site plan approved

Progress on Templeton Middle School’s site plan was presented with a recommendation to change one of the tactics. Principal Patricia Polczynski described the school’s numerous strengths and concerns in a few areas where achievement appears to have plateaued. The school was named a Wisconsin Exemplary Middle School for the fourth year in a row because its reading and math achievement was in the state’s top 10 percent. In addition, an AdvancEd accreditation team noted four exemplary commendations during its professional audit of the school.

Templeton has three tactics that indicates students will:

  • increase literary skills and competencies across all content areas;
  • develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to become productive citizens in our global society; and
  • increase their emotional intelligence and individual resiliency skills to be increasingly successful young adults.

The second tactic was changed. Originally, it included creativity along with critical thinking and problem solving skills, but the site plan committee recommended its elimination because the tactic was too broad. Creativity skills will be addressed through district initiatives.

Co-curricular report given

Hamilton Athletic and Activities Director Michael Gosz gave a comprehensive report about co-curricular activities that highlighted both sport s and other activities at Hamilton High School. During the 2009-10 school year, the high school sponsored 11 male and 12 female interscholastic sports and 40 student activities. Total cost for all sports and activities was $430,594 with 2,852 student participants.

Gate receipts were $40,013, a 25 percent increase over last year, according to Gosz. A total of $16,200 family passes also were sold.

Gosz noted the accomplishments of various athletes including those who gained All Greater Metro Conference and scholar-athlete recognitions. He also pointed out the success of students in activities such as drama and forensics.

A total of six students had alcohol, tobacco and other drug related suspensions. Gosz reported that the department educates student-athletes regarding drugs and alcohol and spends significant time implementing district guidelines.