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May 2, 2023

Hamilton High School in Spotlight

Hamilton High School Principal Becky Newcomer presented a School Spotlight video highlighting the school’s Theory of Action. The video shows how Hamilton High School is discovering ways to adapt instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners and the power of professional development in the classroom.

District AODA annual report approved

Student Assistance Program and Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Coordinator Kristin Hasbrook presented an annual report to School Board members about efforts to keep students from getting involved in alcohol and other drugs.

High school career-related programs approved

Hamilton High School Associate Principal and Extended Learning Opportunities Coordinator Mark Otto presented four items to the School Board.

  • The School Board approved continued participation in the Carl Perkins grant consortium offered through CESA #1. Participation is voluntary and is provided at no cost to the Hamilton School District. Hamilton High School’s Perkins allocation for the 2023-24 school year is $16, 075.00 In the 2022-23 school year, the District was awarded $14,331.00. Funds this year were used to support software, supplies and materials in the Business, Family and Consumer Education and Applied Engineering and Technology Departments. Participation in the CESA#1 Carl Perkins Consortium provides grant-writing management, interaction with professionals from other districts, exposure to what is occurring at state and national levels and consultation services.
  • The School Board approved continued participation in the Waukesha County School-to-Work consortium for 2023-24. The School-to-Work Consortium provides grant funding that supports co-op, youth apprenticeship, work experience programs and K-12 career-related initiatives. Participation in the consortium is voluntary and provided at no cost to the district. In 2022-23, the consortium worked closely with Waukesha County Technical College to continue to learn new ways in which students can pursue educational pathways at the secondary level while still in high school. Hamilton continues to be a leader in the county in the number and quality of transcripted credit courses offered.
  • The School Board approved the Education for Employment (E4E) Plan for 2023-24. The plan identifies, coordinates and assists in preparing students to be college and career ready. It identifies work that has been done and existing gaps, and coordinates and aligns services in the District. Hamilton, like most school districts, is adjusting its E4E plan to answer essential questions about the local labor market, student and family involvement, community partnerships and engagement, support for student academic and career planning and ACP implementation.
  • The School Board approved the Extended Learning Opportunities Program annual report. The program grew out of the School-to-Work initiative that aimed to connect education and employment where 4-year college degrees were not required. Experiences in the program include apprenticeships, mentorships, internships and job shadowing. It also investigates and designs alternative pathways for students who have exhausted the curriculum or are nontraditional learners. The program strengthens partnerships with the business community to prepare students for the world of work, regardless of the education or career track they choose.

Early graduation request approved

Hamilton High School student Natalie Lassiter has requested early graduation in June 2024. Board members accepted her application. The student meets School Board policy requirements and will be eligible.

Partnership with Care Solace approved

Assistant Superintendent of Special Services John Peterson presented the School Board with information regarding Care Solace, a mental health resources provider. In 2022, the School Board agreed to a one year pilot of Care Solace. Mr. Peterson told Board members he has found several benefits of this service and recommends entering into a one year agreement with Care Solace.

CESA contract approved

A contract for 2023-24 with the Cooperative Educational Services Agency (CESA) was approved. The contract provides services and alternative placement for students who are not successful in the regular school setting at lower costs than if the district purchased them independently.

Water utility easement to Menomonee Falls approved

The School Board approved a resolution granting a water utility easement to the Village of Menomonee Falls. This allows the Village to access school property near Willow Springs Learning Center for municipal water access.

Personnel matters

Board members approved the appointments of:

  • Paul Wilson, Grade 4 Humanities Teacher at Marcy Elementary School, effective August 23;
  • Rebecca Lloyd, Art Teacher at Hamilton High School, effective August 23;
  • Buffi Wargolet, Speech and Language Pathologist at Maple Avenue & Marcy Elementary Schools, effective August 28; and
  • Andrew Wargin, Science Teacher at Hamilton High School, effective August 23.

Board members approved the resignations of:

  • Kimberly Zabel, Director of Finance for the Hamilton School District, effective June 30;
  • Kelsey Jasinski, Grade 8 Math Teacher at Templeton Middle School, effective end of school year;
  • Madisyn Fech, Paraprofessional – Special Services at Templeton Middle School, effective end of school year; and
  • Stacey Benson, Paraprofessional – Special Services at Templeton Middle School, effective end of the school year.