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March 20, 2023

School Board members recognized

School Board President Gabe Kolesari was recognized for his 34 years of service to the Hamilton School Board. Board member Mike Hyland was recognized for his 33 years of service. A video was shared, highlighting how far the District has come under their leadership. Kolesari recently submitted his resignation, effective April 1 2023, due to medical reasons. Hyland is not seeking re-election.

Salary compensation adjustments approved

The School Board approved compensation increases for employee groups. Most employees can expect to see at least a 5.0% increase in the 2023-24 school year. Total aggregate compensation per group varies because of adjustments for certain individuals and banding of positions to create a minimum and maximum salary within a job level. 

Food service staff are funded from a separate budget and will see a higher percentage increase than other groups. 

Employees can expect a message from the Human Resources Office with more specific information regarding adjustments.

  • teachers: 5.22% increase 
  • paraprofessionals: 7.54% increase
  • associate kitchen employees: 9.43% increase
  • custodial and maintenance staff: 5.72% increase
  • administrative assistants: 5.51% increase
  • confidential support staff: 5.0% increase
  • administrators: 5.0% increase

In addition, Superintendent Paul Mielke’s contract was extended for two years.

Additional paraprofessional staff approved

Due to increased student needs at Willow Springs Learning Center, additional special education paraprofessional support is needed.

Replacement cycle technology purchases approved

Director of Information Technology Ryan Miller presented information regarding projects and technology purchases. He reports the District continues to grapple with long-term budgeting and replacement of classroom technology. This report was brought to the Board earlier than normal due to the need, ensuring devices will be received by the start of the 2023-24 school year.

Capital projects status report approved

A list of projects totaling $4,606,973 was approved. Each school building has projects on the list. Significant items include replacing obsolete security cameras, firewall protection and student laptops. WiFi is also being updated throughout the District.

Paid time off adjustments approved

Due to an increase in workload and staff shortages during COVID, many year-round employees were not able to use their annual allotment of paid vacation. Year-round employees who were unable to use their vacation were allowed to carry it over into the subsequent years with approval from their supervisor. The administration is recommending paying out these days to Custodial and Maintenance staff, Administrative Assistants, Confidential Support staff and Administrators prior to June 30, 2023. Employees will be allowed to roll up to ten days at the end of this year and then a maximum of five days in subsequent years.

Early College Credit Program report approved

Twenty-one high school students requested admission to the Early College Credit Program (ECCP) for the first semester of the 2023-24 school year. ECCP enrolls students into courses offered through a UW System institution, or an alternative private, non-profit institution of higher education (IHE), provided they are in good standing and have no record of discipline. The program is 75 percent funded from Hamilton High School and 25 percent from the state. If the student fails, withdraws or drops a class, the family pays 100 percent of the cost. 

Start College Now report approved

Seven high school students requested admission into the Start College Now (SCN) program for the first semester of the 2023-24 school year. The program allows juniors and seniors with good academic standing and no disciplinary programs to take courses at Waukesha County Technical College. The money to fund the program is budgeted through the high school. If a student fails the course or withdraws/drops, the family pays 100 percent. Transportation is the students’ responsibility.

Reports and documents approved

Many reports and documents were approved including:

  • Facility Use Fees Memo
  • Revised Grades 9-12 English Language Arts Curriculum
  • New 4K Reading Readiness Screener 
  • One-year contract with United Lakewood Educators (ULE) was ratified 

Personnel action matters

The School Board approved the appointments of:

  • Jill Sarnow, School Counselor at Lannon Elementary School & Willow Springs Learning Center, effective August 28;
  • Abigail Much, School Counselor at Marcy Elementary School, effective August 28;
  • Jaime Condiff, Special Education Teacher at Woodside Elementary School, effective August 28;
  • Evan Hetrick, Custodian I, p.m. at Hamilton High School, effective March 20;
  • Courtney DeArmond, Principal at Marcy Elementary School, effective July 1; and
  • Andrew Sutter, Grade 6 Math & Science Teacher at Silver Spring Intermediate School, effective August 23.

The School Board approved the resignations of:

  • Colleen Engel, Administrative Assistant at Willow Springs Learning Center, effective April 7;
  • Lindy Mueller, Associate Kitchen Employee at Silver Spring Intermediate and Maple Avenue Elementary Schools, effective March 10;
  • Julie Taylor, School Counselor at Lannon Elementary School, effective end of current school year; and 
  • James Trotter, Custodian I, p.m. at Woodside Elementary School, effective March 14.