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February 21, 2022

High school  to pilot alternative program


Hamilton High School will operate a pilot alternative program beginning in the 2022-23 school year. Hamilton High Teacher Jeanna Tinus, Counselor Helen Geracie and Principal Rebecca Newcomer along with Special Services Director John Peterson presented to the School Board on the advantages of having an alternative program in-house. 

Students’ sense of belonging is important for their engagement and achievement. Not having to start over at a new school eases students’ anxiety, sense of rejection and other negative impacts that a transition to a new school brings. In addition, it avoids the need to transport students to an alternative campus. By remaining a member of their high school community, students continue familiar relationships with adults and peers.

The alternative program will serve 12 juniors or seniors who are at risk of not graduating from high school. Two full-time teachers will staff the program – one a special education teacher and the other an alternative education teacher. Funding will be reallocated from the cost of sending some at-risk students to off-site alternative schools such as Learning Center West operated by CESA and Kradwell School. The district will still use off-site placement for some students, including those who are alternatively placed due to safety issues.

District approves attachment-detachment agreement

Hamilton and Menomonee Falls school districts will alter boundaries of Rock Pointe Village located at 19509 Main St. Lannon. The property was developed by Sawall Development with portions of it in Hamilton and others in Menomonee Falls. Initially, Sawall petitioned to have the entire property fall in the Hamilton district, which was denied by Menomonee Falls. Instead, the districts worked out an agreement that buildings 1-6 will go from Menomonee Falls to Hamilton, and buildings 7-10 will go from Hamilton to Menomonee Falls. At this point only four students live in the area.

Two-year contract approved with company that bought out previous provider

A two-year contract for occupational and physical therapy services was approved for Rehab Resources, a company that bought Dominiczak Therapy Associates and rehired all of their therapists. The district has contracted with Dominiczak since 2016, and the therapists have established strong working relationships with students, staff and parents.

Contract approved for co-op services through Elmbrook

The district signed a cooperative agreement with Elmbrook Schools which will provide services for students with hearing, visual and mobility impairments. Since 1983, Hamilton and other area districts have contracted for low-incident population disability services through a 66.03 agreement.

District AODA efforts help students, families

Student Assistance Program and Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Coordinator Kristin Hasbrook presented an annual report to School Board members about efforts to keep students from getting involved in alcohol and other drugs.

Personnel action

In personnel news, the Hamilton School Board

  • Accepted the resignations of Special Services Administrative Assistant Michelle Basler, effective Jan. 21, Maple Avenue Paraprofessional Madeline Vang, effective Jan. 31, Woodside Grade 3 Teacher Kaitlyn Pilo, effective Feb. 11, Woodside Paraprofessional Margaret Wrobleski, effective Feb. 21, Hamilton High Groundskeeper Brian Sendzik, effective March 4; and Hamilton High Paraprofessional Jennifer Craven, effective March 4;
  • Approved the retirement of District Groundskeeper Kevin Schein, effective April 1; and
  • Appointed Michelle Basler as district special services executive assistant, effective Jan. 24, Marissa Bresson as Woodside custodian effective Jan. 24, Brian Verse as Hamilton High custodian, effective Feb. 2, Margaret Wrobleski as district special services administrative assistant, effective Feb. 22, Sailaja Eraparaju as Maple Avenue paraprofessional, effective Feb. 22 and Brian Sendzik as district groundskeeper, effective March 7.