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March 20, 2006

No change in lunch prices next fall

The price of hot lunch will not increase next fall for students and adults. The School Board voted to keep the price for elementary lunches at $1.75, middle and high school lunches at $2 and adult lunches at $2.65. The price of milk will remain at 30 cents.

Lawn maintenance contract goes to Sabercor

With bids for the 2006 lawn maintenance contract ranging from $16,250 to $112,500, the district chose the low bid among six companies that competed for the business. Sabercor’s bid of $16,250 was accepted for the district’s mowing, spring and fall clean-up, pruning and planting bed maintenance. Sabercor will be awarded the 2006 lawn maintenance contract, with an option to expand to three years upon successful completion of the first year. A three-year contract will reduce the contract to $15,600 per year for the work.

Students get approval for Youth Options Program

The applications of seven Hamilton students were approved for enrollment in the Youth Options Program for the first semester of 2006-07. The students qualify by completing their sophomore year, having good academic standing and no record of disciplinary problems. The students are able to take technical college or university courses at district expense if they have exhausted the curriculum offered in the district.

Principal David Furrer noted that while students applied for a variety of classes, scheduling at postsecondary schools may present some difficulties.

“The possibility is great that not all these classes will be taken,” Furrer said.

School Board member Gerald Schmitz said even though the Youth Options Program may cost the district in tuition fees, it is a good opportunity for students when the district is not able to offer the advanced-level course.

Maple Avenue presents site plan

Principal Kristin Koeper-Hamblin presented Maple Avenue’s School Profile and gave a written report on the school’s annual site plan review. She provided an overview of demographic and test score data.

Koeper-Hamblin’s written report included a summary of the tactics and the interventions the school will take in the next five years. The tactics include:

  • implementing a schoolwide writing program with common expectations;
  • implementing an elementary reading scope and sequence of instructional strategies and assessments and developing common expectations within and across grade levels; and
  • developing and implementing intervention programming for students at risk of academic failure.

Students, staff, parents, board member recognized

School Board members recognized a number of people at their meeting.

The board presented outgoing School Board member Jennifer Rude Klett with an inscribed brass bell for her six years of service to the district. Superintendent Kathleen Cooke calculated conservatively that Rude Klett attended at least 500 meetings during her tenure on the board. Cooke noted the many accomplishments of the district while Rude Klett served including higher achievement and rigorous courses, expanded music and band opportunities and realization of the Hamilton Fine Arts Center and programming.

Woodside Principal Linda Jorgensen recognized students Dan Demler, Tyler Wischnefski, Jacob Menzel, Kelly Putz and Amanda Heisdorf, parents Michele Frane and Cheryl Kau and second grade teacher Joanne Kubisch for their contributions to the success of the fifth grade Science Fair.

Templeton Middle School eighth grade social studies teacher Rhonda Watton and her student Matthew Kline and Hamilton business education teacher Brenda Wangen and her student Amanda Albrecht were recognized for the students’ success in the Wisconsin Stock Market Simulation Essay Contest. Each student took third place in his or her grade level in the contest sponsored by Economics Wisconsin.

Personnel business

In personnel matters, the School Board:

  • appointed Elizabeth Berry as a Woodside third grade teacher and Angela Kolesari as a Templeton Special Education paraprofessional;
  • approved the retirement requests of Hamilton custodian Lawrence Krueger effective July 1 and Maple Avenue custodian John Janes effective May 1; and
  • approved a leave of absence for Woodside second grade teacher Kim Weber.