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December 19, 2005

Enrollment up since September

School district enrollments this December are up 24 students over the September count. Human Resources Assistant Superintendent Dean Schultz presented a report showing student enrollment going from 4,217 in September to 4,241 in December.

Changes in school enrollment show that:

  • Willow Springs is at 270, down 4;
  • Lannon – 286, up 2;
  • Maple – 498, up 3;
  • Marcy – 419, up 8;
  • Woodside – 640, up 3;
  • Templeton – 894, up 4; and
  • Hamilton – 1,222, up 8.

Schultz noted that the December enrollment counts are the basis for next year’s staff planning. A large fifth grade class appears to be headed to sixth grade at Templeton next year. Schultz said it may mean that there will be a shift of a teacher from elementary to middle school.

Projections shared with FAC

Schultz also reported on more long-term enrollment projections that have been provided to the Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC). Using three different methodologies, the district is projecting that there will be at least 4,400 students by the 2009-10 school year. The projections are based on historical enrollment trends, expected increases at certain grade levels and anticipated subdivision growth based on municipal permits granted to developers.

The FAC, a committee with broad representation from within the district and community, began meeting in November to look at growth, building capacity and facility needs. It is expected to present its findings and a recommendation to the School Board in February.

District student fees lower than most

Student fees in the Hamilton School District are on the lower end compared to many in southeastern Wisconsin , according to a chart compiled by the Business Office. Many expenses were reported including grade level and technology fees assessed for all students and others that are based on participation such as drivers’ education, athletics and activities, parking, summer school and activities passes.

The Business Office determined an “average fee” that included grade level fees, participation fees for one sport and one club, and parking for high school students and band participation for middle school students. Hamilton ’s average high school fee was $215 compared to the area average of $268, and the average for Templeton students was $95 compared to $169 for other area middle schools.

The School Board has not increased student fees for four years. It is expected to take up the issue next spring.

Marcy Site Plan report given

Principal Donald Behrens, Ph.D., reported on Marcy Elementary School ’s Site Plan. He discussed changes at the school which include increasing mobility and diversity among the school population.

Three new site tactics of the site plan indicate that Marcy students, staff and parents will:

  • become a strong and cohesive community through enriching and memorable experiences,
  • attain the highest possible levels of achievement through the use of effective and innovative practices; and
  • embrace the responsibility for ensuring a quality education and a school environment of which they can be proud.

Awards and recognition

School Board members recognized long-time district residents Joe and Marilynn Marchese for donation of two American and one Wisconsin flag to the Hamilton Fine Arts Center. The flags will be set in a base with a plaque inscribed “In deep appreciation to Joe and Marilynn Marchese.”

In the Superintendent’s Reporter, Kathleen M. Cooke, Ph.D., reported that the Hamilton Fine Arts Center building was featured in the architectural magazine “American School and University” for its award-winning design.

Personnel matters

In personnel business, the School Board: accepted the resignation of Templeton cleaner John Lindstrom; and appointed William Hahn as a part-time cleaner for the district.