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Winners of Woodside bridge-building challenge announced

Winners of the Woodside Elementary School spaghetti bridge challenge were announced.

Chris Parrinello’s class:

  • Rebecca Leibiger – first place;
  • Samantha Besler – second place;
  • Thomas Kirsch – third place; and
  • Kelton Corcoran and Michael Demler – creative design.

Judith Wroblewski’s class:

  • Jacob Rink – first place;
  • Megan Mueller – second place;
  • Ella Morris and Lindsey Gabel – third place; and
  • Marissa Meyer and Amanda Phillips – creative design.

Kathy Theis’ class:

  • Tyler August – first place;
  • Laciane Van Der Linden – second place;
  • Rachel Branton – third place; and
  • Brittany Larson – creative design.

Aaron Greenwald’s class:

  • John Kremer – first place;
  • Sarah Cross and Matthew Lussow – second place;
  • John Phillips – third place; and
  • Katrina Kastner and Kimberley Schoof – creative design.

Culminating a unit on span, support, stress point and strongest shape, Woodside fourth-graders were challenged to use three pounds of thin spaghetti and glue to build a bridge that would support a 16-ounce can of Bush’s Baked Beans for three minutes. They were further challenged to build a bridge with the longest span.