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Hamilton ‘exceeds expectations’ on state report card

Wisconsin School Report Cards were released, and the Hamilton School District’s achievement once again was strong and among the top 2% in the state. In the category of district achievement score, Hamilton was the eighth highest among Wisconsin’s 367 PreK-12 and K-12 school districts.

School Report Cards are based on four priority areas: student achievement in English language arts and mathematics; student growth; target group outcomes for students with the lowest performance; and measures that indicate if students are on track to graduate.

Using all these measures, Hamilton ranked 16th among 367 Wisconsin school districts in overall accountability. The overall accountability score rates schools on a scale of 0 to 100 and places them in one of five categories: significantly exceeds expectations (83-100), exceeds expectations (70-82.9), meets expectations (58-69.9), meets few expectations (48-57.9) and fails to meet expectations (47.9 and below.)

Hamilton excelled in the area of student achievement. Among the 367 PreK-12 and K-12 school districts in the state, Hamilton had the:

  • eighth highest district achievement score;
  • seventh highest mathematics score; and
  • sixth highest English language arts results.

The Hamilton School District received a growth score of 70.8 placing the district 77th, up from 158th last year, out of Wisconsin’s 367 PK-12 and K-12 school districts. The growth priority area evaluates schools on their students’ growth over time compared to the growth of similar students in other Wisconsin schools. This measure provides information on a school’s contribution to their students’ progress, regardless of the prior achievement level of those students. “The growth score metric shows the average amount of growth students are making as a direct result of our efforts,” said Hamilton Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning Cathy Drago. “Higher growth scores mean our teachers and instructional practices are having a higher impact on our students.”

The target group outcomes priority area was designed to help focus support on the learners who need it most, while also improving outcomes for all students. This area provides a mini-report card for the lowest performing 25% of students in the district.

“This report is an important measure that reflects the performance of our schools and the district,” said Hamilton Superintendent Paul Mielke, Ph.D. “Using the data from this report, we see our successes and know where to focus attention for future success. This high level of performance is the result of the hard work of students and staff who put a priority on learning, as well as the support and high expectations of our families and community,” Mielke added.

District/School2022-23 Report Card Score/RatingReport Cards
Hamilton School District80.8 – Exceeds ExpectationsView Report Card
Lannon Elementary School82.7 – Exceeds ExpectationsView Report Card
Maple Avenue Elementary School90.5 – Significantly Exceeds ExpectationsView Report Card
Marcy Elementary School91.2 – Significantly Exceeds ExpectationsView Report Card
Woodside Elementary School76.4 – Exceeds ExpectationsView Report Card
Silver Spring Intermediate School80.9 – Exceeds ExpectationsView Report Card
Templeton Middle School84.2 – Significantly Exceeds ExpectationsView Report Card
Hamilton High School74.3 – Exceeds ExpectationsView Report Card

Please view the 2022-23 Report Cards At-A-Glance document from Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for additional information.