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September 18, 2023

Committee to review enrollment projections and available space

Board members approved reconvening the Community Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) to review subdivision growth, enrollment, space utilization inside schools and physical condition of facilities to identify needs. The CFAC is made up of parents, community members, staff, administration and board members. The committee will meet monthly beginning in October. Members will present findings and have a recommendation for the Board by January.

Hamilton High School students presented

Three Hamilton High School students presented the Board Student Representative Report to share current events and student accomplishments. The high school’s 2023-24 theme is “Be Better Than Yesterday.” The first ever Hamilton Freshman Welcome Day in August was a tremendous success and will become an annual event. Students are looking forward to Homecoming in early October.

Curriculum review cycle approved

The Hamilton School District uses a 5-year curriculum review process to analyze standards for each content area. Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Cathy Drago and Teaching and Learning Coordinator Whitney Roth presented a report on the cycle designed to create a more cohesive, united system that provides clarity around what high quality learning looks like in each content area.

ESEA report approved

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Organizational Development John Roubik presented the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) consolidated grant initiatives 2023-24 report. Programs that comprise ESEA are: Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged; Preparing Training and Recruiting Licensed Teachers, Principals and Other School Leaders Grants; Language Instruction for English Learners and Immigrant Students; and Support and Academic Enrichment Grant.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction estimates that the district will receive approximately $208,000 of federal funds for these programs. The final amount will not be known until later.

Reports reviewed and approved

  • English Learners Initiatives Report and Policy Handbook
  • Girls’ Hockey Co-Op Agreement renewal
  • Beverage contract for 2023-28

Personnel matters

The School Board approved the appointments of:

  • Tanya Cobb, Special Services at Silver Spring Intermediate School, effective September 1;
  • Cassandra DeLaurier, Paraprofessional – Instructional & Supervision at Silver Spring Intermediate School,
     effective September 1;
  • Laura Monfre‐Janse, Paraprofessional – Instructional & Supervision at Willow Springs Learning Center,
     effective September 1;
  • Jodi Zillmer, Paraprofessional – Special Services at Silver Spring Intermediate School, effective September 8; 
  • Joy Buntrock, Instructional Coach at Maple Avenue Elementary School, effective September 19;
  • Saul Moore, Custodian I P.M. at Maple Avenue Elementary School, effective September 11;
  • Brian Wissbeck, Maintenance A.M. for the Hamilton School District, effective October 16; and
  • Amanda Venti, Literacy Interventionist at Maple Avenue Elementary School, effective September 18.

The School Board approved the resignations of:

  • Tamera Harpster, Instructional Coach at Maple Avenue Elementary School, effective August 24;
  • David Schiffer, Maintenance, A.M. for the Hamilton School District, effective July 14;
  • Nickolas Brandt, Special Education Teacher at Hamilton High School, effective September 1;
  • Joy Buntrock, Literacy Interventionist at Maple Avenue Elementary School, effective September 18;
  • Erica Carlson, Grade 4 Math and Science Teacher at Marcy Elementary School, effective September 29; and
  • Tonia Schiller, Associate Kitchen Employee at Lannon Elementary School, effective September 25.