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August 21, 2023

Citizens approve tax levy at Annual Meeting

Citizens approved the Hamilton School District tax levy at the Annual Meeting held before the School Board’s regular Aug. 21 meeting. The tax levy, the portion of the budget paid through local property taxes, totaled $36.6 million, down from $37.5 million the year before. The total budget was $73.1 million, up 2.78 percent from 2022-23 due to increasing enrollment and the cost of inflation.

In addition to the levy approval, citizens kept School Board member salaries at $5,335 and approved lease agreements of district owned land for farming purposes.

Reports and documents approved

Reports and documents were approved including:

  • Employee Absence Report for 2022-23 school year
  • Grade 5 Family and Consumer Science course addition and curriculum documents

Personnel matters

The School Board approved the appointments of:

  • Erin Sandleback, Special Education Teacher at Templeton Middle School, effective August 23;
  • Amy Ciesielski, Music Teacher at Maple Avenue Elementary School, effective August 23; 
  • Kristin Kemper, Paraprofessional Instructional Literacy at Silver Spring Intermediate School, 
    effective September 1;
  • Lea Knaub, Administrative Assistant, Special Services for the Hamilton School District, effective August 30;
  • Elijah Zimdars, Paraprofessional Special Services at Silver Spring Intermediate School, effective September 1;
  • Daniel Wichser, Paraprofessional Special Services at Hamilton High School, effective September 1;
  • Brenda Strom, Associate Kitchen Employee at Hamilton High School, effective September 1;
  • Lori Woodford, Paraprofessional Special Services at Hamilton High School, effective September 1;
  • Kimberley Mittelstaedt, Paraprofessional Instructional Literacy Intervention at Templeton Middle School, effective September 1;
  • John Briggs, Paraprofessional Special Services at Hamilton High School, effective September 1;
  • Angela McNeill, Associate Kitchen Employee at Hamilton High School, effective September 1;
  • Abigail Krueger, Family and Consumer Sciences Replacement Teacher at Silver Spring Intermediate School, 
    effective August 23; and
  • Gretchen Sciortino, Literacy Interventionist at Maple Avenue Elementary School, effective August 28.

The School Board approved the retirement of:

  • Gloria Amoroso, Paraprofessional Media Center at Maple Avenue Elementary School, effective August 29.

The School Board approved the resignations of:

  • Lauren Heinen, Music Teacher at Maple Avenue Elementary School, effective July 18;
  • Margaret Wrobleski, Administrative Assistant, Special Services for the Hamilton School District, effective August 2;
  • Michelle Wolff, Paraprofessional Clerical & Student Supervisor at Hamilton High School, effective July 28;
  • Jessica Maglio, Paraprofessional Special Services at Silver Spring Intermediate School, effective August 2;
  • Mark Mayer, Associate Kitchen Employee at Hamilton High School, effective August 2;
  • Cathleen Huibregtse, Literacy Interventionist at Maple Avenue Elementary School, effective August 6; 
  • Adam Maciejewski, Paraprofessional Special Services at Hamilton High School, effective August 7;
  • Lea Knaub, Paraprofessional Special Services at Lannon Elementary School, effective August 14; and
  • Gretchen Sciortino, Paraprofessional Instructional & Supervision at Willow Springs Learning Center, effective August 21.