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July 17, 2023

Students honored for HFAC artwork selection

Hamilton High School students were recognized for having a piece of their artwork chosen for permanent display in the Hamilton Fine Arts Center. The artwork of Gavin Damato, Lilian Schally, Savannah Brant and Ezri Schulze was selected for the HFAC lobby. Damato and Schulze attended the meeting and were presented with a check for the purchase of their artwork. 

Artificial Intelligence language added to high school handbook

Hamilton High School Associate Principal Chris Laurishke presented recommended changes to the student handbook including yearly updates and additions to Academic Dishonesty language. The student handbook was modified in light of the growing number of students using ChatGPT or other artificial intelligence (AI) programs to complete work.

Reports and documents approved

Several reports and documents were approved including:

  • Revised Board Policies;
  • Academic Standards for 2023-24; and
  • Open enrollment acceptance recommendations for 2023-24.

Personnel action

Board members approved the appointments of:

  • Kristin Otto, Kindergarten 5 Teacher at Maple Avenue Elementary School, effective August 23;
  • Kristin Emling, Grade 7 Math Teacher at Templeton Middle School, effective August 23;
  • Amy Chandler, Art Teacher at Lannon Elementary School, effective August 23, 2023.
  • Sean O’Dwyer, Custodian I p.m. Part Time at Marcy Elementary School, effective July 10; 
  • Lindsay Lamm, Paraprofessional – Special Services at Maple Elementary School, effective September 1; 
  • Bethanie Frommgen, School Counselor at Silver Spring Intermediate School, effective August 23; and
  • Abigail Stank, Science Teacher at Hamilton High School, effective August 23. 

Board members approved the resignations of:

  • Sarah Pichler, Special Education Teacher at Templeton Middle School, Effective July 10; and
  • Stephanie Donnelly, Paraprofessional- Special Services at Silver Spring Intermediate School, effective July 12.

Board members approved the retirements of:

  • Douglas Higley, Head Custodian at Lannon Elementary School; effective December 1.