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October 17, 2022

Hamilton School Board certifies 2022-23 tax levy

Hamilton School Board members adopted a budget and certified a tax levy resulting in the lowest mill rate in the district’s history. The budget totaled $71.1 million which was supported with a $37.5 million tax levy. The tax levy is the portion of revenue generated through local property taxes. Overall, the budget increased 3.52% over last year. The mill rate will drop 23 cents, from $7.93 to $7.70 per $1,000 of property value. A 13.4% increase in property value throughout the district contributed to the district’s historically low mill rate.

Each October, the School Board must adopt the budget, certify the tax levy and establish the tax rate after the Department of Revenue determines property values in the district. Tax bills are sent to property owners in December.

District enrollment grows by 110 students

The district saw a 110-student increase over last year. There are currently 5,091 students enrolled compared to 4,981 students last September. This is the first time the district’s enrollment has ever been more than 5,000. The School Board approved the K-12 Enrollment Report.

Willow Springs, Templeton and Hamilton site plan reports given

Willow Springs Learning Center Principal Renae MacCudden, Templeton Principal Brad Hoffmann, Templeton Associate Principal Cody Leland and Hamilton High School Principal Rebecca Newcomer presented site plans on their schools. School Board members approved the reports.

Dual Enrollment Program report approved

Hamilton High School has seventeen students participating in the Dual Enrollment Program for the 2022-23 school year. Waukesha County Technical College’s Dual Enrollment Academy (DEA) is designed to provide high school seniors with the opportunity to work in high-demand fields while earning college credit. Nine Hamilton High School students completed the program in May of 2022.

Early College Credit Program report approved

Sixteen high school students requested admission to the Early College Credit Program (ECCP) next semester. ECCP enrolls students into courses offered through a UW System institution, or an alternative private, non-profit institution of higher education (IHE), provided they are in good standing and have no record of discipline. The program is funded 75 percent from Hamilton High School and 25 percent from the state. If the student fails, withdraws or drops a class, the family pays 100 percent of the cost.

Start College Now report approved

Eleven high school students requested admission into the Start College Now (SCN) program next semester. The program allows juniors and seniors with good academic standing and no disciplinary problems to take courses at Waukesha County Technical College. The money to fund this program is budgeted through the high school. If a student fails the course or withdraws/drops, the family pays 100%. Transportation is the students’ responsibility.

Several reports and documents were approved

Several reports and documents were approved including:

  • Quarterly transportation report
  • Summer 2022 projects report
  • Adoption of 2022-23 Fund 10/27 Budget report

In personnel matters

The School Board approved the resignation of:

  • Rebecca Hirsch, paraprofessional – special services at Woodside Elementary School, effective Oct 25.

The School Board approved the appointments of:

  • Nicole Kavelaris, paraprofessional –instructional & supervision at Marcy Elementary School, effective Oct 12;
  • Dan Houston, maintenance a.m. for the Hamilton School District, effective Oct 31;
  • Abbey Harkin, paraprofessional –instructional & supervision at Marcy Elementary School, effective Oct 17; and
  • Lindsay Lamm, paraprofessional –instructional & supervision at Maple Avenue Elementary School, effective Oct 12.