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July 18, 2022

Additional teacher for Lannon approved

Kindergarten level enrollment at Lannon Elementary School is projected to be above recommended class size for the 2022-23 school year. Current projections show twenty-five students in each of three kindergarten classes. The Board approved an additional full time teacher and adjusting corresponding specialist FTE (Art, Fitness, Music, Technology Integration) contracts to assist with increased enrollment. (1.0 FTE)

Additional paraprofessional for Silver Spring approved

Additional Paraprofessional staff recommended at Silver Spring Intermediate School due to an increase in students needing special education services. (.69 FTE)

Student handbooks presented and approved

The Board approved yearly updates for Hamilton High School, Templeton Middle School, Silver Spring Intermediate School and Elementary School Handbooks. School principals and associate principals worked collaboratively to align procedures across district building levels. Several topics were discussed and modified including attendance, dress code and bus behavior.

Character Strong pilot program for grades 5-12 approved

The Board approved the Character Strong pilot program for the first semester of 2022-23. The program focuses on reinforcing skills such as self-management and responsible decision-making that carryover into the classrooms, community and eventually into the workforce. The program will be conducted in place of Second Step at Silver Spring Intermediate School and Templeton Middle School. The program will replace locally developed lessons at Hamilton High School. Each school will have parents involved in a review process to provide feedback regarding lesson content.

Reports and documents approved

Several reports and documents were approved including:

  • new, reviewed and revised School Board policies
  • academic standards/learning targets for 2022-23
  • curriculum resource purchases
  • updated long-term capital improvement plan
  • Interagency Agreement between Hamilton School District and Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department
  • revised 2022-23 Board of Education calendar

Personnel action

In personnel matters, the School Board:

  • approved the resignations of Hamilton High World Language Spanish Teacher Andrea Mather, effective June 29; Maple Avenue Associate Kitchen Employee Teresa Lally, effective July 5; Willow Springs Literacy Interventionist Kathryn Gengler, effective July 5; Lannon Paraprofessional Special Services Kelly Supercynski, effective July 11.
  • approved the retirement request of Woodside Paraprofessional – Instructional & Supervision Penny Monroe, effective Aug. 31.
  • approved the appointments of Marcy Paraprofessional – Instructional and Supervision Melissa Petrie, effective Sept. 1; Maple Avenue Kindergarten Teacher Salena Salomone, effective Aug. 22; Templeton Special Education Teacher Kaylee Gresl, effective Aug. 22; Willow Springs Paraprofessional – Instructional and Supervision Cassidy Ryan, effective Sept.1; Marcy Fitness Education Teacher Kolt Wegner, effective Aug. 22; Woodside Fitness Education Teacher MacKenzie Hauser, effective Aug. 22; Lannon Administrative Assistant Betsy Molinski, effective July 5; Woodside Grade 3 Humanities Teacher Samantha Paton, effective Aug. 22; Woodside School Counselor Elizabeth Heine, effective Aug.22; Woodside Special Education Replacement Teacher Calyn Matuszewski, effective Aug. 22; Templeton Business Education Teacher Nicholas Loehe, effective Aug. 22; Lannon Kindergarten 5 Teacher Kathryn Gengler, effective Aug. 24; Lannon Grades 3 & 4 Math and Science Teacher Jenelle Rollinger, effective Aug. 22; Templeton Family & Consumer Education Teacher Cara Sardina, effective Aug. 22; Silver Spring Grade 5 Math and Science Teacher Sarah Wilke, effective Aug. 22; Silver Spring Paraprofessional – Health Room Maria Wartgow, effective Sept. 1; Lannon Paraprofessional – Special Services Valerie Trauner, effective Sept. 1; Maple Avenue Paraprofessional – Special Services Charuta Ingole, effective Sept. 1.