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June 20, 2022

Students honored for HFAC artwork selection

Hamilton High School students were recognized for having a piece of their artwork chosen for permanent display in the Hamilton Fine Arts Center. The artwork of Sydney Cline, William Kieckbusch and Shannon O’Dwyer was selected for the HFAC lobby. Cline and Kieckbusch attended the meeting and were presented with a check for the purchase of their artwork. O’Dwyer was unable to attend the meeting.

School Board President Gabe Kolesari presents students with checks for their artwork.

Sydney Cline
William Kieckbusch

Elementary staffing increased

The School Board approved additional elementary staff due to increased student needs and enrollment. Maple Avenue will see the equivalent of an additional 94% special education paraprofessional, one full-time kindergarten teacher and 20% specialist contracts. School counselor staffing will be increased for a total of a 60% position to provide additional counseling services at Lannon and Willow Springs. Lannon will also receive a 72% special education paraprofessional position.

Lindberg gives final reports

Public Information & Volunteer Program Coordinator Denise Dorn Lindberg gave two final reports before her retirement. She provided the School Board with updates on the district Community Report and Seniors & Students Volunteer Program.

Various reports, documents approved

Many reports and documents were approved including:

  • employee handbooks;
  • high school National Honor Society handbook;
  • Hamilton 2022-23 co-curricular handbooks;
  • membership in the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association
  • district emergency nursing services policies and procedures;
  • emergency protocol for stock epinephrine;
  • management plan for students with life-threatening allergies;
  • bloodborne pathogens procedures;
  • special education procedures handbook; and
  • an update on the district’s strategic and tactical plans;

Personnel news

In personnel news, the School Board:

  • accepted the resignations of Woodside Fitness Education Teacher Taylor Allen, Marcy Fitness Education Teacher Devon Hauser, Lannon Grade 2 Teacher Sarah Cromos, Lannon Administrative Assistant Ann Wodarczak, Silver Spring Grade 6 Teacher Jeannette Smith, Templeton Grade 7 Teacher Shannon Becker, Templeton Grade 7 Teacher Timothy Cunningham, Lannon Kindergarten Teacher Katherine Gleisner and Hamilton Business Education Teacher Christopher Timm;
  • appointed Breeanna Benavides as a Woodside associate kitchen employee, Kelly McKeon as a Maple Avenue special services paraprofessional, Erica Bale as a Woodside instructional and supervision paraprofessional; Ann Wodarczak as district accountant and registrar, Melissa Laughlin as a Silver Spring literacy interventionist, Elizabeth Hess as a Marcy kindergarten teacher, Melissa Hefner as a Marcy literacy interventionist and Nicole Koglin as the public information and volunteer program coordinator.