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July – August, 2016

School Board members held several meetings during the summer. Significant action includes:

James Long, who served on the School Board since 1990, resigned his position effective July 19 to spend more time in Florida. The School Board appointed Jay Jones to serve out Long’s term as Lannon representative at its Aug. 3 special meeting. Jones took his oath of office at the Aug. 15 School Board meeting. His term ends in April 2017.


  • Templeton Middle School eighth-grader Shiva Senthil was recognized for achieving a perfect score on the ACT, the first time in district history that a middle school student achieved a score of 36 on the ACT.
  • Stan Grove was recognized for 53 years of service to the high school as the varsity boys’ golf coach. He also served as football coach for 46 years — 32 years as head coach. He retired as a teacher from the school district in 1993.
  • The Board recognized the student artwork of Macy Caliendo and Rosalie Mattiar which was selected for the permanent art display in the Hamilton Fine Arts Center. President Kolesari and Dr. Mielke presented the students with a $100 honorarium for their artwork contribution.


A half-time associate principal position was added for Marcy Elementary School which was filled by Katie Richie, a third grade teacher at the school.

In other personnel action the School Board:

  • accepted resignations of James Flegel, Hamilton guidance counselor; Melanie Vonachen, Willow paraprofessional; Kristin Hasbrook, district confidential support staff; Daniel Howard, Lannon physical education; Benjamin Bedroske, Templeton choral; Julie Corbin, Willow paraprofessional; Stephanie Sterr, Hamilton cook; Kimberley Seher, Templeton paraprofessional; and Katie Ritchie, Marcy grade 3.
  • approved appointments of Amanda Lindstedt, Marcy literacy interventionist; Lauren Picado, Templeton grade 7; Bronwyn Phillips, Woodside grade 2; Nicole Tiutczenko, Woodside literacy interventionist; Julie Schmidt, Woodside literacy interventionist; Jana Julka, Marcy grade 2; Korben Biersack, Maple special education; Melanie Vonachen, Willow special education; Jennifer Orlowski, Willow special education; Kristin Hasbrook, Hamilton guidance counselor AODA, Caitlin Schiffer, Templeton grade 6; Sarah Kowalske, Hamilton communication arts; Theresa Aron, Marcy associate kitchen employee; Michele Luebke, Willow instructional paraprofessional; Katie Ritchie, Marcy associate principal; Kirstin Seizer, Lannon literacy interventionist; Helen Geracie, Hamilton guidance counselor; Lori Konshak, Willow kindergarten; Marie Palmer, Marcy grade 3 replacement; Audrey Gauthier, Lannon paraprofessional; Paula Joecks, Marcy paraprofessional; Cathleen Huibregtse, Maple paraprofessiol; Jill Vandermolen, Marcy paraprofessional; Jaclyn Gouge, Lannon paraprofessional; Amy Roth, Maple paraprofessional; Catherine Seifert, Willow literacy interventionist; Robin Le Duc, Woodside paraprofessional; Devon Hauser, Marcy physical education; Megan Menzel, Templeton choral music; and Sandra Wright, Hamilton communication arts.
  • approved teacher overload and hourly class coverage rates for 2016-17;
  • approved reclassification of the Templeton Title I paraprofessional to Title I interventionist; and
  • approved additional paraprofessional positions for elementary classrooms.