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December 15, 2014

Enrollment has typical fluctuation since beginning of year

Student enrollment since the beginning of the school year has increased by 11 students districtwide, according to a report from Human Resources and Organizational Development Director John Roubik. The increase is typical of fluctuations the district sees during the school year.

Per-pupil allocations to be static

Schools will not see an increase in per-pupil allocations as they prepare 2015-16 budgets, but because 25 more students are projected to enroll next year, an additional $8,165 will be allocated to meet the needs of the extra students who are expected to be at Lannon, Marcy and the high school. A larger-than-normal eighth grade class will graduate from Templeton Middle School, creating an estimated 45-student decrease at that school next year and will account for a large part of the projected 60-student increase at the high school.

Calendar approved with opposition

2015-16 school year classes begin September 1 and end June 8 for students in the Hamilton School District. The 2015-16 school calendar was approved with a similar format and parameters as the one used this year. The calendar will continue to have:

  • 180 student contact days;
  • 192 teacher contract days;
  • traditional break times;
  • early release days for professional development including five in-service days, four early release days and three work days;
  • days set aside for professional development and teacher preparation and close-out of their classrooms; and
  • parent-teacher conferences.

One difference is that instead of having a teacher work day the Friday after first semester ends, the work day will be the Monday of the last week of the semester. This year’s work day is Friday, Jan. 23, but next year it will be Monday, Jan. 18. The change was made to balance instructional time between semesters and still provide a three-day weekend for families.

Board members Gerald Schmitz and Brian Schneider voted against the calendar because they said they wanted to see additional student contact days.

Advisory committee recommends high school addition, board to consider plan in January

In her report to the School Board, Superintendent Kathleen Cooke summarized outcome of the Dec. 8 Community Facilities Advisory Committee meeting which was held to review community growth data, enrollment projections and high school classroom facilities needs. The committee unanimously supported adding classroom space at the high school and suggested rather than building eight classrooms on the north end of the building, the administration should consider a larger addition. Depending on the number of classrooms added, the cost of the project is expected to be between $3 million and $3.6 million. The School Board will take up the matter in January when architectural plans and more precise costs will be available.