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August 18, 2014

RtI handbook updated

The district’s Response to Intervention (RtI) handbook was approved at the Aug. 18 School Board meeting. Special Service Supervisor John Peterson and Instructional Services Supervisor Katie Little, Ph.D., reported on the updated document. Peterson explained the handbook was first compiled in 2012. It provides a comprehensive outline of services, rules and resources to support a three-tiered system of interventions for students who struggle in reading and mathematics. Little said the district’s menu of available interventions was updated to reflect what will be used in the 2014-15 school year. She highlighted that the district front-loads services so that staff can intervene with struggling students when they are young.

Board acts on personnel matters

In personnel business, the School Board:

  • accepted the resignations of Hamilton special services paraprofessional Scott Buchheister, Maple Avenue paraprofessional Colleen McCarthy, Hamilton paraprofessional Tracy Hahn and Hamilton social studies teacher Thomas Dorgan;
  • appointed Tara Sanicola as a Templeton grade 7 teacher, Julie Kleist as Lannon technology integration resource teacher, Anne Welsh as half-time communication arts replacement teacher, Ashley Pfeifer as Templeton grade 7 teacher, Katie Cormican as Marcy art teacher; Christopher Keadle as Templeton half-time replacement social worker, Kelly Supercynski as a Willow Spring special services paraprofessional, Catherine O’Connell as a Woodside grade 4 replacement teacher, Sarah Pichler as a Templeton special services paraprofessional, Barabara Seefeldt as a Templeton educational interpreter, Sally Purcell as a Templeton special services paraprofessional, Amanda Venti as a Woodside grade 1 replacement teacher and Kristine Kastory as a Hamilton paraprofessional;
  • approved the Staff Absenteeism Report compiled by Human Resources Director John Roubik which shows a declining trend in employee absenteeism; and
  • approved a cooperative agreement with Elmbrook School District to hire a teacher for students who are deaf and hard of hearing. The contract breakdowns to 60 percent in Elmbrook and 40 percent in Hamilton.