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October 1, 2013

District to gather information about athletic training facility

The district will explore the possibility of erecting a multi-purpose training facility at the high school. School Board members approved spending $4,000 to contract for civil engineering and negotiate a contract for service road relocation behind the school should a facility be approved.

Before the next School Board meeting on Oct. 21, school administrators will pull together members of the community Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) to get input on constructing a building that would allow the weight room to be relocated with additional space for indoor athletic practices and training. Depending on bids that come in for the project, the district may be able to build the facility using its fund balance and existing budget without raising property taxes, similar to how the recent Marcy and Woodside classroom additions were funded.

Strategic planning to get more nimble

The district will adjust its strategic planning process this year. Since the 1990s the district has used a three to five-year strategic planning process. Because change occurs so quickly, a planning process that calls for more nimble tactical planning will be implemented. A strategic planning team will meet later this month to provide vision by reviewing district mission and goals, conducting an external analysis and determining high-leverage opportunities for improvement or strategic focus.

Annual tactical planning will follow with district staff developing goals and ways to measure accomplishments that will be taken to the School Board. Site plans will be developed and the School Board will receive quarterly reports on progress. In future years, the strategic planning team will meet in the spring so that tactical work can occur during the summer in preparation for the new school year.

Annual updates given

Several regular status reports were presented to the School Board:

  • Instructional Services Supervisor Katherine Little, Ph. D., provided a status report on the Early Reading Empowerment, the district’s intervention program designed to meet needs of children who experience difficulty as they learn to read. Little explained that first grade teachers assess their students at the beginning of the school year to identify those who need reading support. Students then meet with an ERE-trained teacher for individual or small group instruction four days a week. ERE is also part of the invitational summer shool program and 36 students participated this summer. School Board member Gerald Schmitz said he was pleased that students were able to get reading assistance during the summer and he would like to see it expanded even further.
  • Little gave an update on K-12 curriculum alignment, articulation and vertical teaming initiatives.
  • Human Resources and Organizational Development Director John Roubik updated the School Board on interventions for students who are not reaching proficiency on standardized assessments. He explained the many Response to Intervention (RtI) initiatives that have been addressed during the year.
  • Student Assistance and Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Coordinator Kristin Hasbrook presented a written and oral report about the efforts made to prevent alcohol and drug use and support students in making healthy choices in their lives. Her written report covered activities such as screening and referral services, school activities and accomplishments of the Get Connected Program.

Personnel news

In personnel business, the School Board:

  • approved compensation adjustments for paraprofessionals for the 2013-14 school year. Total increases were 2.93 percent and include a differential increase of 10 cent per hour for special education and longevity adjustments between 40 and 75 cents per hour. The adjustments are retroactive to July 1;
  • accepted resignations of Woodside special services paraprofessional Karin Burleson and Templeton special services paraprofessional Jennifer Douglas; and
  • appointed Candy Goetz as a Marcy special services paraprofessional, Jane Cebulski as a Maple Avenue paraprofessional, Kelly Wood as a Woodside special services paraprofessional and Margaret Wrobleski as a Woodside special services paraprofessional.