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February 20, 2012

District has success in collecting unpaid school fees

The Hamilton School District continues to have success in collecting unpaid student fees. The total amount owed by the class of 2011 was $192.47 – significantly less than some years when total uncollected student fees reached as high as $1,891.

After implementing new strategies to collect outstanding student debt in 2005, students are less likely to have unpaid fees. Students are reminded about their unpaid debt twice each year and asked to pay it off. Those who have a balance of $50 or more are turned over to a collection agency in July. A new policy went into effect in 2009-10 that requires clearance of all unpaid fees and fines before a parking permit is issued. The district is flexible in working with families and allows payment plans when necessary.

Maple Avenue site plan approved

School Board members congratulated Maple Avenue staff members after reviewing data on the school’s student achievement and demographics.

Maple Avenue Principal Kristin Koeper-Hamblin reported on the school’s new site plan which indicates that:

  • Students will develop oral and written skills to communicate effectively and purposefully with others;
  • Students will be engaged in meaningful and active learning to support maximum achievement for each child; and
  • Teachers will implement quality assessment practices and assist students in monitoring their own progress to ensure continuous learning.

Koeper-Hamblin reported that staff members are committed to helping all students find success. She expressed appreciation that Maple Avenue had resources such as a Title I paraprofessional to help students make progress and low class sizes that allow teachers to hone in on the needs of all students.


“I was wowed by the achievement in here,” School Board member Deborah Briggs said of the Maple Avenue Site Plan report. “Staff are all on the same page and everyone is wanting to make this work. Your tactics are right on.”

Personnel business

In personnel business, the School Board approved the end-of-the year retirement request from Woodside special education teacher Pamala Kursel.