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October 4, 2011


AODA measures in place to help families

Student Assistance Program and AODA Coordinator Kristin Hasbrook presented an annual report to School Board members about efforts to keep students from getting involved in alcohol and other drugs. 2010-11 activities included providing initial screening and referral, helping families find appropriate community services and obtaining grant funds to support the program. Hasbrook also provided support to more than 100 students on a regular basis, worked with In-Health to train students who presented to secondary-level students on depression, facilitated student groups to address specific issues faced by students, presented to classes on the topics of drugs and alcohol, staying out of bad situations and depression, organized a pre-prom program on the consequences of drinking and driving, supported the middle school peer-mediation program, provided parenting columns for school newsletters and taught parenting classes.

District works to ensure seamless curriculum

Instructional Services Supervisor Katherine Little, Ph.D., reported on K-12 curriculum alignment, articulation and vertical teaming initiatives that are underway.

Ensuring that learning progresses seamlessly as students move from grade to grade and course to course is the purpose of curriculum alignment and articulation. Little noted the following will be addressed in the 2011-12 school year:

  • Identify essential learning targets and associated student “I can” statements for each unit of instruction;
  • Monitor the state’s progress in developing a statewide student information system that may include an electronic curriculum planning tool;
  • Provide instructional leaders with facilitator training for their roles in the March 16 district in-service which will be dedicated to vertical teaming and instructional articulation in all content areas.
  • Articulate content and skills through the curriculum revision process in which teachers can study standards and resources, develop scope and sequences and plan for revision implementation through a multi-grade level team approach;

In addition, the report noted that reading specialists and elementary math support teachers will provide workshops for teachers. Teacher collaboration time will be used to ensure curriculum articulation and smooth transitions as students move from each grade and course level.

Enrollment up by 84 students – more than expected

The district picked up an additional 84 students with the start of the school year. Enrollment districtwide is at 4,635 students – an all-time high. The increase is more than twice what administrators had predicted. School enrollments compared to last year were:

School          2010-11           2011-12

Willow               265                  295

Lannon             247                  249

Maple                491                  487

Marcy                 516                  525

Woodside         693                  673

Templeton        979                1,017

Hamilton        1,360                1,389

 Enrollment at Marcy, which had an enrollment of 461 students in 2007-08, has increased consistently over the past few years. As a result, the School Board approved increasing the guidance counselor contract from 3.5 to 4 days a week and hiring an additional half-time paraprofessional. The cost for the additional staffing was just under $20,000.

“Grandma Joanie” recognized for volunteer service

Joan Maier, affectionately known as “Grandma Joanie” among Maple Avenue students and staff, was recognized for contributing more than 4,000 hours as a Seniors & Students volunteer. Maier started her volunteer work after retirement upon the request of her daughter, Maple Avenue teacher Jeni Maier-Ortlieb. Since then she has touched the lives of hundreds of Maple Avenue students.


School Board President Gabe Kolesari presented Joan Maier with a certificate.


Maple Avenue staff members attended the meeting to honor Joan Maier’s recognition.