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March 2, 2010

EME provides additional math support to young students
The Hamilton School District implemented the Early Mathematics Empowerment (EME) Program in 2004-05 to provide additional mathematics instruction to the elementary school’s youngest students. The latest data from the 2008-09 school year show that nearly 90 percent of students served by the program make significant gains.

EME targets first- and second-graders throughout the year and kindergartners during the second semester. The program provides students with additional mathematics instruction, and EME teachers work with classroom teachers to provide additional instructional strategies for all students. They also provide professional development to other teachers.

Educational Services and Human Resources Director John Roubik reported on the program’s sixth year of operation. Initiated with less than a half-time teacher at one school, the program now has four staff members – one who has an 80 percent contract, two who have 90 percent positions and one who is full-time.

The district tracked the performance of students who received EME services and learned that, depending on the school, 85 to 100 percent scored proficient or advanced in subsequent Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exams.

School Board member Michael Hyland said he believes helping students get up to speed at an early age is the right approach.

“I think this is a great program,” Hyland said. “We are seeing results and we should maintain the things that we know are working.”

Last year, 21 percent of district first-graders and 12 percent of second-graders were served. Some 88 percent of those students made significant gains during the time they received EME services. The gains refer to the student’s ability to move from one stage to another on a scale ranging from 0-100.

Roubik recommended in his report that the district continue the EME Program and extend services to more grades, if additional funding is available.

Year-end projects OK’d
A list of projects totaling $1.4 million was approved that may be addressed during the summer, depending on funds available at the end of the year. The list includes 63 items with building maintenance projects among the most costly. They include replacement of roof sections and flashing at the high school and Templeton, bringing municipal water to Templeton, asphalt repair and upgrades of computer servers and switches.

Bulldog football fees to increase
School Board members approved a $40 fee increase to participate in the Bulldog Football Program at Templeton Middle School. The increase was requested to cover the costs of operating the program. In addition, parents will have the option to pay $25 in lieu of volunteering time to the program.

In a report to the board, Business Services Assistant Superintendent Bryan Ruud wrote that the increased fees will keep the football program self-sufficient for the 2010-11 school year. Several surrounding districts have programs that charge from $225 to $300 to students. Bulldog coaches took a reduction in compensation to keep the cost of the program low for families.

All new Open Enrollment applicants put on waiting list
All 131 nonresidents who applied to the Hamilton School District as a new Open Enrollment students were placed on a waiting list until the district has more information about resident enrollment for next year. The district will analyze expected enrollments this summer to determine if students could be accepted at certain schools. A total of 89 resident students applied to attend schools outside the district, however, many include students who have never enrolled in the district and have been homeschooled or attended private schools.

Personnel news
In personnel business, the School Board:
• Approved the resignation of Templeton Title I paraprofessional Sara Doyle, effective Feb. 20;
• Appointed Jennifer Luszak as a District Office administrative assistant effective March 3, Ann Myrold as Marcy special education paraprofessional effective March 3, and Keith Griebler as Hamilton night foreman custodian effective March 1.