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November 6, 2007

Students get support in many ways
Students who need additional academic support have a wide range of programs and interventions available to them at all grade levels. Assistant Superintendent Dean Schultz outlined the measures that are taken to help all students reach success.

The high school offers: Club Success, Empower Academy, English Language Learner (ELL) support, Guided Academic Practice, Gateway to HHS, Math Advantage and Portable Assisted Study Sequence.

Templeton has Content Mastery, ELL support, Gateway to TMS, summer school invitational for reading and math, promotional summer school, Reading Resource, Student Training for Academic Responsibility (STAR) Math, Study Center and Success Club.

Elementary schools have after-school tutorial, Early Reading Empowerment, Early Mathematics Empowerment, ELL support, summer school invitational for reading and math, Title I services and writing support.

School Board member Deborah Briggs complimented staff members for the array of services available to students.

“There are a number of different ways that kids can be helped to succeed,” Briggs said. “I think it’s wonderful.”

School Board recognizes Sussex business owners
Sussex business owners Sharon and Dan Loftus were honored by the School Board for their long-time commitment to the school district. Superintendent Kathleen Cooke described the many ways that Sharon, owner of Healing Touch Massage, and Dan, a chiropractor and owner of Sussex Chiropractic, have volunteered their time and expertise to the school district.

Cooke praised both for being loyal business partners and community volunteers. Sharon has worked on Spring Fest and supported the school district in her former role on the Sussex Area Chamber of Commerce. Dan was an original member of Hamilton AWARE, a community group formed to fight alcohol and other drug abuse among students. Both have given generously of their time as Dozer Day planners and volunteers.

“Sharon and Dan are dedicated, committed and hard-working people,” Cooke said. “If you want to get anything done, these are two people you should have on your team.”

Educational Services lays out priorities
Educational Services Department leaders Schultz, Dee Bauman, Ph.D., and Mardi Freeman reported on their priorities for the school year. They include:
Monitoring and adjusting alignment of special and regular education curriculum;
Training in grading practices that promote student achievement;
Implementing technology to support special education programming; and
Focusing on excellence and equity issues by using disaggregated data to identify struggling students and provide support.

Lions Club presents another $7,000 for soccer field lights
Superintendent Kathleen Cooke, Ph.D., reported that the Sussex Lions Club provided another $7,000 as part of its multi-year commitment for the soccer field lights. The group has donated a total of $46,070 to the project and expects to make one more installment.

Personnel news
In personnel business, School Board members:

  • accepted the resignation of Hamilton paraprofessional Cheryl Chounard Pease; and
  • appointed Karen McNeer as a Hamilton special services paraprofessional.