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February 20, 2006

Committee recommends community survey

The Community Facilities Advisory Committee that has been studying the need for classroom space and other facilities needs since November advised the School Board that while additional classroom space is not needed now, the district should survey residents to gauge support for new high school gym space.

Committee members David Schroeder and Eric Olsen presented an interim report to the board. While committee members saw a need for additional gym space, they did not reach consensus about whether the community would support it.

The proposed gym would add about 77,000 square feet and cost approximately $14.8 million. Taxpayers would pay an additional $65 for each $100,000 of property they owned for construction and operational costs.

The School Board approved the committee’s recommendation to conduct a community survey in late spring or early summer. The committee will reconvene after the results are available to present a final recommendation to the School Board.

The committee reviewed subdivision growth within the district based on information provided by municipalities. Municipal officials predicted an additional 1,400 units or lots will be developed through 2010. Using previous data, district officials project that less than one student will come from each unit for a annual average enrollment increase of 35 to 50 students per year through 2010.

With an enrollment of 639, Woodside Elementary School is beyond its designed capacity of 575 to 600 students, but the school has reconfigured space to create additional classrooms. While Woodside continues to grow, the rate has slowed and will not likely justify building of a new school in the next five years. The committee recommended monitoring Woodside’s enrollment each year to determine if steps such as moving 5-year-old kindergartners to Willow Spring Learning Center or obtaining a relocatable classroom is needed.

Woodside Site Plan approved

Woodside Elementary School Principal Linda Jorgensen presented her school’s site plan. Jorgensen said the school plans to continue working on the existing strategies which indicate that the school will:

  • emphasize ownership and shared responsibility among students and staff to enhance respect within the school community;
  • increase the problem-solving abilities of students to strengthen critical thinking skills beginning with mathematics; and
  • help student communicate effectively with an emphasis on writing skills and strategies.
    School Board member Gerald Schmitz said he thought more emphasis should be on the last two strategies because he is concerned about test score results.

Students, teacher recognized

Four Hamilton students and one Templeton teacher were recognized for outstanding accomplishments.

Seniors Courtney Konyn, Katherine Mess and David Paton were recognized for being nominated to represent Hamilton in the 2006 Kohl Student Scholarship Program.

Senior Kimberly Knoebel was honored for creating a canvas on a wood quilt square to represent the district for a display at the Wisconsin Association of School Board Convention in January.

Templeton eighth grade social studies teacher Rhonda Watton was recognized for earning her National Board Teacher Certification.

Personnel business

In personnel business, the School Board:

  • approved the retirement requests of Templeton family and consumer education teacher Fran Birschbach, Maple Avenue third grade teacher John Hoeppner, Templeton fitness education teacher Randy Howard, Maple Avenue learning disabilities teacher Karen Steinman, Woodside fourth grade teacher Judy Wroblewski, Woodside fifth grade teacher Cynthia Piotrowski, Maple Avenue fourth grade teacher Rita Petchel, Templeton technology education teacher Arlyn Clarksen, Woodside fourth grade teacher Christine Parrinello-Peterson and Hamilton principal David Furrer;
  • appointed Dennis Schaefer as Templeton cleaner and Nancy Ruiz as Marcy Special Services paraprofessional;
  • increased Marcy Special Services paraprofessional Sharon Reske’s contract from 6.6 to 7.5 hours per day; and
  • accepted the resignations of Hamilton learning disabilities teacher Hilda Dombeck and Lannon second grade teacher Lisa Lawson.