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December 20, 2004

Summer Opportunities Program on schedule

Student fees for the 2005 Summer Opportunities Program will drop from $10 to $8 per course. School Board members approved the new fees that were recommended by Summer Opportunities Coordinator Dick Ladd. Because student fees can cover only the cost of consumable materials used in class and not personnel expenses, Ladd said the district came close to having excess funds. Enrollment in summer school courses is an advantage to the district in state aid calculations because it increases the district’s full-time enrollment numbers.

The School Board accepted Ladd’s other recommendations for the 2005 program. Enrichment courses will begin June 20 and end July 15, operating on a Monday through Friday schedule. Classes will not be held July 4. Promotional and credit courses go until July 29.

Parents will contract directly with Dairyland Bus Company for transportation to school. School Board Member Deborah Briggs noted that if gas prices remain high, the reduced class fee could be offset by higher transportation costs.

Maple Avenue presents its site plan

Principal Kristin Koeper presented Maple Avenue’s School Profile and gave a written report on the school’s annual site plan review. School Board members complimented her for having student demographic data and achievement results broken down in a variety of ways.

Koeper’s written report included a summary of the tactics and the interventions the school will take in the next five years.

Tactic 1: Implement a schoolwide writing program with common expectations

  • Develop understanding and familiarity with district writing curriculum
  • Adopt 6+1 Traits of Writing
  • Establish support and collaboration for 6+1 Traits Writing

Tactic 2: Implement an elementary reading scope and sequence of instructional strategies and assessments and develop common expectations within and across grade levels

  • Clarify reading scope and sequence within and across grade levels
  • Complete annual standardized test analysis
  • Clarify reading scope and sequence assessment within and across grade levels

Tactic 3: Develop and implement intervention programming for students at risk of academic failure.

  • Develop formal, consistent intervention process
  • Create child study documentation
  • Define and develop classroom modifications for struggling students
  • Refine and redesign delivery of additional student academic and behavioral support

Computer system backup approved

An upgrade of the computer system’s security and back-up infrastructure was approved. The job went to CDW-G which submitted the low bid of $15,241. CDW-G will provide the district with additional hardware and software that will protect confidential data. The updates are necessary because of expanded applications including the STI student database and Lunchbox software.

Charger Band plans trip to Julliard School of Music

Superintendent Kathleen Cooke reported that the Hamilton High School Charger Band is planning a trip to New York City during Spring Break March 30-April 3 to work with faculty at the Julliard School of Music. Students will participate in clinics at America’s most prestigious music school and perform in and around New York City. Cooke commended Band Director Jon Waite for his initiative in arranging for “this fabulous trip.”

School Board approves personnel matters

In personnel matters, the School Board revised position descriptions for the Fine Arts Center coordinator and technician positions. The changes more clearly delineate the duties of the two positions.