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March 5, 2002

High school band uniforms approved

It’s been 13 years since the Hamilton High School Band has had new uniforms, and School Board members were treated to a fashion demonstration to highlight the difference more than a decade can make. Hamilton Principal David Furrer and Band Director Jon Waite, along with parents who served on the Band Uniform Selection Committee, arranged to have two students model the old and the proposed new uniforms for the board. The contrast was effective as School Board members quickly voted to purchase the new uniforms.

Band Booster President Janet Patterson, who helped fit students for the uniforms this year, said the issue was not about whether the uniforms were well-maintained.

“It’s that the body of today does not resemble the uniform of 13 years ago,” Patterson said.

Another band parent who helped fit uniforms for students in the past, Chris Barnard, said she was glad to be able to give her sewing machine a rest.

Waite described the uniform selection process that involved parent and community input, catalog searches, student brainstorming, ideas from companies and gathering sentiment about various uniform styles at basketball games. After choices were narrowed to one, three companies submitted bids.

The School Board accepted the committee’s recommendation to accept the low bid from the Stanbury company at $42,185 for 125 band and 25 color guard uniforms. The bid was $2,300 to $3,200 below the other bids. The uniforms are expected to arrive in late April or early May, 2002.

Hockey, swim cooperatives approved

Hamilton High School students who want to participate in Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Assocation hockey or swimming will be able to, thanks to two-year cooperative agreements with other school districts. Because Hamilton does not have a pool, it has been a part of a cooperative team with Menomonee Falls School District for many years. Next year, two Hamilton boys are expected to participate in the cooperative swim team.

Another cooperative team was formed only in the last few years between Menomonee Falls, Germantown and Hamilton districts. Hamilton expects to have two boys participate on the 17-member cooperative team.

Costs are split among the schools.

Woodside site plan updated

Principal Linda Jorgensen highlighted Woodside Elementary School’s site plan. The tactics are to

  • identify and prioritize specific curricular needs that will focus direction and enhance instructional practices; and
  • develop communication among school employees that results in participation by all in the decision-making process.

Staff analyzed theWisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam results and used the data to have an impact on instruction and learning. They also implemented WOW Words to increase student vocabulary.

The internal communication plan began with establishment of the Sounding Board which now addresses procedural school matters. Development of the Professional Learning Community (PLC) Committee will help create shared leadership opportunities.

Future challenges for the first tactic include summarizing and presenting test results through methods that encourage all staff to take ownership, identifying patterns of strengths and weaknesses, determining if demonstrated learning is accurate, reinforcing effective instructional strategies through shared practice, improving instruction and maintaining the WOW Words initiative.

The second tactic will see the PLC Committee taking a more active role in guiding collaborative staff development efforts, extending membership to staff who want to support professional growth, and developing a school vision to support the district mission and site planning development.

Personnel matters approved

In personnel matters, the School Board approved the appointments of:

Woodside teacher John Vitale to be summer school assistant coordinator; and
Grace Norton as Marcy part-time teacher aide.