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November 6, 2001

Employment Endorsement Program up for evaluation

A program that started out as Diploma Endorsement 10 years ago will be evaluated to determine if it meets the needs of employers and students who are operating under changed economic and business conditions. Extended Learning Opportunities Coordinator Catherine Tillman recommended that a committee of school and business representatives review the program and make recommendations for changes.

The Diploma Endorsement Program was originally mandated for all students to provide evidence that they possessed desirable employee qualities. Students earned a card if they maintained at least a C average and were judged to have integrity, responsiblity, cooperation, respect, motivation, initiative, effort and high quality work. The card could be shown to prospective employers during the hiring process. Later the program became voluntary, the criteria streamlined and it became part of the Junior-Senior Commons Pass Program.

Tillman suggested evaluation of the program to review the criteria and levels of student participation. Information about current employee needs will be used to provide recommendations for revisions.

The evaluation committee will present a final report to the School Board no later than May 2002.

Chapter 220 Program report approved

Educational Services and Human Resources Assistant Superintendent Dean Schultz updated the School Board on the Chapter 220 Program. The program is the nation’s only voluntary two-way city-suburban integration program. Minority students from Milwaukee Public Schools are able to enroll in suburban schools, and openings in MPS are available to resident students.

A total of 95 seats in 2001-02 are open to Milwaukee residents. They include 4 at Maple Avenue, 10 at Lannon, 4 at Woodside, 30 at Templeton and 47 at Hamilton. Schultz said the number is expected to remain the same for the next school year. He cautioned, however, that MPS — in an effort to reduce transportation costs — has created a Transportation Zone that could restrict MPS students from choosing particular schools located too far from their residences.

Additional second grade Lannon teacher gets OK

An additional second grade teacher will be hired at Lannon. Parents at the beginning of the school year expressed concerns to School Board members about enrollments of 27 students in each of Lannon’s two second grade sections.

The district’s enrollment was slightly higher than expected this year providing more state aid, which allowed administrators to recommend the hiring for the rest of the school year. A half-time contingency teacher position already in the budget combined with the additional state aide to fund the new position.

The position will be filled as soon as someone can be hired.

Custodial contract approved

The School Board approved a three-year contract that provides custodians with a 2 percent pay raise annually through the 2003-04 school year.

Girls swim co-op agreement signed

Hamilton girls will continue to be able to participate in competitive swimming, thanks to an agreement passed by the Hamilton and Menomonee Falls school boards. The agreements renews a Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association cooperative allowing Hamilton girls to be a part of the Menomonee Falls Swim Team for the next two years. A dozen girls are on the cooperative team this year. The cooperative was formed because Hamilton does not have a swimming pool.

Personnel changes approved

In personnel business, the School Board:

  • accepted the resignations of Hamilton and Templeton technology education teacher Jason Waters and Hamilton student supervisor William Steitz;
  • approved an extended leave of absence for Hamilton physical education teacher Kathy Block for second semester; and
  • appointed Terry Helman as Templeton cleaner, Sandra Kemp as Lannon associate kitchen employee, Kim Krimmer as Business Office administrative assistant and John Kashian as Hamilton and Templeton technology education teacher.