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January 2, 2001

Eight new courses designed to challenge upper level students were added to Hamilton High School’s course catalog as a result of School Board action. Additional Honors Program, Advanced Placement (AP), integrated and research seminar courses were added to the 2001-2002 school year course catalog. Participants from the one- or two-credit research seminar will form the high school’s first Academic Decathlon team next year. AP courses in physics, statistics and studio art were added, and honors courses in communication arts 9, world cultures and citizenship will be available to students. An advanced level algebra and physics course also was approved.

Elementary writing-technology specialists demonstrated the web page they created for the district web site. Susan Ladd, Terri Manske, Elizabeth Flehmer, Meghan Wolf and Julie Smith described how students and parents can connect to content that is related to the classroom. The writing-technology specialists created their web site, uploaded the pages to a server, created links to school profile pages and regularly update their information.

In introducing the writing-technology specialists, Public Information Coordinator Denise Dorn Lindberg explained that the district established rules and guidelines for web content, created tools that allow staff members at each school to upload data to a server, developed a principal approval process and provided training for staff.

“The writing technology specialists are demonstrating their web pages tonight because they developed content that is focused on what is occurring in the classroom,” Lindberg said.

In other technology related news, Instructional Services Supervisor Dee Bauman, Ph.D., reported on development of a new computer-based report card system. Five Marcy teachers are piloting the system that incorporates reporting of students grades with the district’s student data collection system, EADS.

Bauman said the teachers report that the system is user friendly. Beginning in fall of 2001, all elementary teachers will use the EADS report card system to complete report cards. The system will allow district staff to collect and disaggregate student grades and provide additional longitudinal achievement data to identify student, school and district program needs.

Educational Services Director Dean Schultz reported on staff development strategies that focus on results and link directly to work outlined in the district Strategic Plan. He listed a variety of mini in-services, breakout sessions, state test preparation, curriculum and standard alignment and technological training that have occurred throughout the district.

In personnel business, School Board members approved appointments for Hamilton social studies teacher Jean Ryan, Templeton secretary Debra Schneider and Marcy teacher aide Jodi Wiesneski.