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September 18, 2000

Community and school district growth has developed at approximately the rate forecast by the district’s Facility Advisory Committee in 1997, leaving Willow Springs Learning Center with adequate space to continue programs that currently exist there through 2003. That was the conclusion of a report School Board members reviewed Sept. 18 at its regular meeting.

Willow Springs hosts an optional half-day kindergarten program for 4-year-olds, Early Childhood programming, the Medallion Child Care Program and the Sussex Senior Center. In a report analyzing the space utilization at the Willow Springs Learning Center, district administrators concluded that those programs could be housed at its current location through 2003.

Beyond then, administrators suggested convening another advisory committee to closely study community growth, enrollment, facility utilization and recommendations for School Board consideration.

“The future use of Willow, as well as all facilities, will depend on community growth and the conclusions and recommendations of the next facilities advisory committee study,” the report concluded.

School Board member Jim Long said he was pleased that the district would continue to be able to accommodate the Sussex Senior Center along with the other programs for children. The Sussex Senior Center moved to Willow Springs in 1999-2000 and leases an office area, art room for crafts and shares gym and kitchen space with the kindergarten and child care program.

“We very much want to accommodate the Sussex Senior Center,” Long said.

Educational Services Department administrators outlined their priorities for the 2000-2001 school year. They plan to:

Monitor progress of a results-based, job-embedded staff development initiative that will

  • involve teachers in data analysis
  • increase use of strong instructional practices
  • deliver curriculum consistently
  • use strong supervision practices

Document student achievement including

  • implementing the Academic Progress Profile (APP) that will contain standardized test data and benchmark assessments
  • collecting the number of rubrics used in the district
  • relating the APP to plans created for special education and gifted services

Analyze student achievement by developing a plan to study data collected from the APP, Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam and district writing assessment, and their impact on special education and gifted and talented students

Develop a model to integrate technology into the learning process that will

  • implement student outcomes across all grades
  • coordinate use of assistive technology
  • strengthen and coordinate professional development activities
  • systematically evaluate the effect of technology on student learning

Parents, staff members and a business representative were recognized for the success of a private fundraising campaign that provided Hamilton High School’s Little Theater with new floor tile, carpet and renovated, padded seating. More than $40,000 was raised to refurbish the theater after a referendum to build a new auditorium failed in 1997.

Supt. Kathleen Cooke, Ph.D., acknowledged parents Jules Paulik and Nancy Bloedorn and teachers Steve Younk and Sharon Sohner and athletic-activities director Mike Gosz for their persistence in finding private donations. Parents John and Kathy Kalupa were recognized also, but they were unable to attend the meeting.

“Others still hope we will have a new auditorium some day,” Cooke said. “Because the Little Theater was refurbished using private donations, this effort won’t hinder future initiatives to have a new auditorium in the future.”

Pam Nettesheim accepted a recognition certificate on behalf of QuadGraphics’ Windhover Foundation that provided a generous final donation that helped the group reach its fundraising goal.

In personnel matters, the School Board accepted the resignations of Marcy associate kitchen employees Christine Sommer and Dolores Wechter. Board members also appointed Karen Grabko as a Marcy associate kitchen employee and Ellen Acuff as a Hamilton half-time art teacher.