Silver Spring Intermediate School Profile

Silver Spring Intermediate School serves fifth and sixth grade students in the Hamilton School District. The building was intentionally designed to support the transition between elementary and middle schools, helping students build independence and take ownership of their learning.

Built in 2019, the 183,00 square foot school can house 800 students and can be expanded to serve 1,000. The color coded house layout creates small communities within a large building. Silver Spring Intermediate School has 54 classrooms, a 3-station gymnasium, library, commons area and a main music room with six practice rooms. It was constructed using energy saving features, extensive use of natural light and materials that reduce annual maintenance expenses.

Silver Spring Intermediate School leadership focuses on kindness, ensuring it is a place where everyone belongs. Highly effective staff bring a balance of warmth and high expectations into classroom instruction.

Students receive their first introduction to formalized student leadership structures at the intermediate level. The Silver Spring Intermediate School Student Council is extremely active. Like the school’s many other clubs, it was created to match interests of fifth and sixth grade students.

At a glance

Student enrollment: 756
Starting time: 8:40 a.m.
Ending time: 3:30 p.m.
Mascot: Panther
School colors: Blue and black
Grading system: Report cards will be delivered via Infinite Campus at the end of each semester (January and June). These report cards provide a snapshot of your child’s progress. In the areas of science, reading, and writing, the report card will provide proficiency scores (1-4) tied to descriptions of key learning goals and learning progression rubrics. Students will be provided with multiple opportunities and frequent feedback based on these rubrics to help students show growth towards the learning goals