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Drop-off and pick-up procedures updated

When dropping off students, picking up students or accessing the Templeton parking lot, families should follow the below procedures.

There are two ways to access Templeton’s parking lot from Silver Spring Drive:

  • east driveway – enter or exit in either direction and
  • west driveway – restricted to right-turn only for both entry or exit.

Please see this map indicating traffic flow patterns, drop-off areas and pick-up areas.

Drop-off procedures before school:

  1. To drop off Templeton students, enter the east driveway, proceed through the roundabout and go to the designated DROP-OFF ZONE which extends past the front office door area to the main gym entrance and is designated with white paint.
  2. No vehicle stopping, standing or student drop off in unmarked areas. Do not stop after the roundabout along the front of the building and around the front-office doors because this may cause a backup towards the high school service drive and Silver Spring.
  3. PULL AS FAR FORWARD as possible along the DROP-OFF ZONE to allow for other vehicles.
  4. Once stopped, students should be ready to exit the vehicle from the passenger-side only onto the identified DROP-OFF ZONE painted white.
  5. Students should walk directly to the gym doors for entry. Students may not enter the building before 7:00 a.m.

Pick-up procedures after school:

  • Parents and families are NOT allowed to park and wait for students along the front sidewalks.
  • Parents and families are encouraged to wait for students in a designated parking spot.
  • Parents can double park in the designated student pick-up zone as designated on the map.
  • When picking up students after school we recommend a pick-up time after 2:50pm. This will help with parking lot congestion.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience during student drop off or student pick up. Remember to always drive slow.