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Drop-off and pick-up procedures updated

To make things more efficient, Marcy families should review the drop off and pick up procedures as well as the parking lot traffic map.

Parents and guardians are asked to remember these guidelines:

  • Do not enter the bus gate entrance as this is for buses only.
  • Right turns only as you enter or leave the Marcy parking lot. No left turns entering or leaving the parking lot are allowed during drop-off or pick-up times.
  • Please fill all lines as you enter the parking lot, especially those going right around the parked cars to keep cars off of Marcy Rd.
  • Merge into one line as you approach the front entrance of the school.
  • Do not go past the “Pick-up Starts Here” cone. Do not drive through into the circular parking area.
  • Please be kind and courteous taking turns to let all lines enter the circle.
  • Students should enter and exit cars on the right-side only without parental assistance. Please do not exit your car as this will slow the process down.