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District Spelling Bee winners named

Five students emerged as winners as they competed in the annual District Spelling Bee at Templeton Middle School. Students who were top spellers were:

  • Nathan Goecks, champion, a Templeton grade 8 student;
  • Paul Mora, finalist, Templeton grade 8;
  • Robin Lemmerman, finalist, Templeton grade 7;
  • Chais Blackburn, finalist, Templeton grade 6; and
  • Josh Trzebiatowski, finalist, St. Agnes, grade 8.

These students received trophies for their accomplishments.

Various public and private schools participated in the event, with “district” referring to a geographical area for the purpose of the spelling bee. Schools that participated were Lannon, Maple Avenue, Marcy and Woodside elementary schools and Templeton Middle School in the Hamilton School District, and St. Agnes in Butler and Peace Lutheran Academy in Sussex.

In all, 35 students in grades 5-8 who won their classroom spelling bees competed in the District Spelling Bee. The following students competed in the District Spelling Bee: Templeton – Yer Xiong, Robby Little, Valerie Ruffing, John Bagin, Kaitlin Boucher, Chais Blackburn, Meghan Verity, Robin Lemmerman, Andrew Gawin, Kirsten Cornella-Carlson, Nathan Goecks, Nick Miszewski, Phanpanas (Paul) Mora, Mari Sandoval; St. Agnes – Laura Ellingen, Austin Langford, Nick Magestro, Josh Trzebiatowski; Marcy – Joyce Chen, Alex Gwinn, Cassidy Pilo; Maple – Jordan Schneidler; Mitchell Ortlieb; Beatrice Kuehn; Woodside – Andrew Ullmann, Allie Bitz, Joey Corrao, Tess Carlson; Lannon – Ashley Trawicki, Kira Lange; Peace Lutheran – Angela Greschner, Eirch Greschner, Kendall Westrich, Christian McMiller, Sierra Fredrich