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Lannon lunch group shows its heart

The Lannon Elementary School Fourth Grade Lunch Club showed its heart recently through two meaningful donations. The Lunch Club meets each Wednesday to discuss ways to promote random acts of kindness at school, home and in the community.

With $271.25 in profits from its Have a Heart – Give a Heart valentine and sucker sale, Lunch Club members decided to make donations to two charities. One-half of the profit will go to the Waukesha County Humane Society, where it will be presented after a school field trip this spring.

The remaining proceeds were donated to the American Heart Association in recognition of the school’s popular paraprofessional and Lunch Club advisor, Jean Fero, who had a pacemaker installed in February. The check was presented to an American Heart Association representative March 30 at the school’s Jump Rope for Heart event.

Club members sold 1,085 valentines and suckers during the sale. The Lannon Home & School covered expenses of the sale which allowed the students to make their generous donations to the charities.