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Hamilton teachers obtain grant for science technology

Hamilton High School science teachers Kimberly Leannais and Alan Simays obtained $15,000 worth of science technology, thanks to a successful grant request from the Hamilton Education Foundation. The teachers requested 10 laptop computers and Venier labware to be used in various high school science curricula. The addition of the new technology will increase the number and kinds of lab activities and lab analysis that can be performed in the classroom.

The focus on lab data analysis supports the school’s main goal to promote higher-level thinking skills among students across the curriculum.

The new technology is expected to arrive this spring and will first be incorporated in Advanced Placement Biology. Teachers will become familiar with it during summer and make it an integral part of some classes beginning next fall. The technology will be incorporated into additional classrooms in subsequent semesters. All students in science classes will benefit from the availability of laptops in individual classrooms. Teachers believe the technology will help them create inquiry-based lessons in which students are engaged in active learning and completing hands-on activities.