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Templeton students honored for WMSA performances

Templeton Middle School recognized the following students for their achievement at the Wisconsin School Music Association’s (WSMA) District Solo & Ensemble Festival March 30 and 31 at Mukwonago High School. Music students were entered in adjudicated evaluation by either performing as a soloist or as part of an ensemble. Each entry was judged with regard to tone quality, intonation development, balance and blend, performance skills, articulation and diction proficiency, and musical interpretation.

Receiving a 1 rating of EXCELLENT were:
Class A:

  • alto sax solo – Erich Maas

Class B:

  • trumpet solo – Lindsey Dary;
  • French horn solo – Lydia Salus;
  • tuba solo – Bradley Helm;
  • clarinet solo – Zachary Hintz, Kirsten Fischer;
  • oboe solo – Courtney Meidenbauer, Michael Yu;
  • alto sax solo – Nicholas Hermberg;
  • piano solo – Daniel Smith, Kelsey Jasinski, Mathew Olkowski;
  • concert snare drum solo – Zachary Herriges, Daniel Smith;
  • snare drum duet – Brendan Miracle and Alex Crane;
  • alto sax/trumpet quartet – Erich Maas, Daniel Spangenberg, David Ritter, and Ryan Hendrickson;
  • oboe/clarinet duet – Michael Yu and Michael Newman;
  • bass clarinet/tenor sax duet – Kelsey Jasinski and Erin Swierczek

Class C:

  • trumpet solo – Paul Mora, Christopher Kopacz;
  • French horn solo – Elizabeth Schounard;
  • euphonium solo – Derek Stone;
  • flute solo – Madeline Oskey, Lauren Dawley, Linsey Weaver, Kimberly Winter, Hana Cochran;
  • clarinet solo – Elizabeth Melsheimer, Aleksandar Styles, Amy Zoulek;
  • alto sax solo – Nicholas Ritter; piano solo – Amy Zoulek, Madeline Oskey;
  • concert snare drum solo – Ryan Denninger, Christopher Flink, Nathan Gray;
  • snare drum trio – Stacey Cassel, Mark Cortez and Jason Wisniewski;
  • trumpet duet – Jordan Kind and Preston Voss;
  • trumpet trio – Matthew Coe, Cody Neverman and Theodore Wiesneski;
  • flute duet – Megan Heitman and Elizabeth Voss; and
  • flute/clarinet quartet – Jasmine Williams, Taylor Yops, Ellen Buckley, and Ashley Sullivan.

Receiving a 2 rating of VERY GOOD were:
Class A:

  • tenor sax solo – Alex Crane

Class B:

  • trumpet solo – Joseph Durica;
  • euphonium solo – Ricardo Sparrow;
  • clarinet solo – Michael Newman;
  • bass clarinet solo – Adrianne Bartolini;
  • oboe solo – Jennette Stein;
  • alto sax solo – Jacob Fourness;
  • violin solo – Stephanie Petersen;
  • trumpet duet – Chelsea Lewis and Ricardo Sparrow;
  • trombone duet – Megan Zavadsky and Katelyn Wirth;
  • flute duet – Paul Myatt and Kathryn Weinand;
  • alto sax duet – Jenessa Patterson and Nicholas Hermberg;
  • flute/clarinet duet – Vila Thoummavong and Alexandra Schneider;
  • flute trio – Paula Myatt, Jennifer Potts, and Stephanie Gratz;
  • clarinet quartet – Adrianne Bartolini, Michelle Woloszyk, Alexandra Schneider, and Kelsey Jasinski;
  • clarinet/trumpet duet – Olivia Offenbacher and Rebecca Steiner;

Class C:

  • trumpet solo – Tyler Hoell;
  • euphonium solo – Daniel Baker;
  • clarinet solo – Kristyn Wondolkowski;
  • concert snare drum solo – Preston Leonard, Sean Fox;
  • marimba/xylophone solo – Daniel Smith;
  • flute duet – Leah Stapelman and Hana Cochran;
  • trumpet/baritone duet – Zachary Lastrilla and Daniel Baker;
  • trumpet/trombone duet – Haley Deprey and Brooke Bentzler;
  • French horn duet – Aaron Davis and Richard Schmidt;
  • flute duet – Ariel Pena and Kelly Saeger;
  • clarinet trio – Erika Jacubic, Jennie Scholl, and Elizabeth Melsheimer;
  • saxophone trio – Korissa Branton, Kevin Schroeder, and Stephen Clausing;
  • baritone/tuba duet – Derek Stone and Riley Feldmann;
  • alto sax/clarinet duet – Sarah Geier and Elizabeth Eichsteadt, Matthew Oleszczak and Ryan Hintz; and
  • flute/clarinet trio – Elizabeth Dorsey, Amy Walsh, and Rachel Klima.

Receiving a 3 rating of GOOD were:
Class B:

  • flute duet – Brianna Leinon and Sara Slavik;
  • saxophone duet – Anton Cortez and Mitchell August;

Class C:

  • snare drum solo – Michael Olson;
  • flute duet – Brooke Menzia and Holly Papenthien; and
  • clarinet quartet – Brianna Biswell, Brenda Rossman, Sarah Germer, and Anthony Beaverson.

Templeton is pleased to give special recognition to all of the students who participated and received honors at this festival.