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Woodside celebrates 22nd annual Gingerbread House Day

First Graders at Woodside Elementary School invited family and friends to take part in a time honored holiday tradition that incorporates many levels of learning. Woodside’s 22nd Annual Gingerbread House Day was held December 8.

“The whole building smells of sweetness,” exclaims Woodside Elementary School First Grade Teacher Jen Butscher. “We’ve had high schoolers and college kids come back to Woodside and tell us that they remember making gingerbread houses in first grade.”

Prior to the Gingerbread House Day, first graders spend time talking about traditional and non-traditional gingerbread men stories. Butscher explains how the celebration is a culmination of classroom lessons. “We tie in our discussions with some important standards for first grade such as practicing how to retell stories including the character, setting, problem and solution. We also tie this project into mapping skills. In the past we have spent time creating our own gingerbread village and incorporating mapping skills such as using a compass, finding directions and learning how to get from one house to another. “

Year after year, families generously donate all necessary supplies, some even making the special icing used to create the gingerbread houses. Guests spend the afternoon inside the school gymnasium working alongside the students to create gingerbread houses and special memories. “The students are SO excited! It is a great opportunity to come together with family members to create a fun, creative and personalized gingerbread house to take home,” shares Butscher.