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Templeton Middle School students deliver donations to adopted classrooms

Templeton Middle School (TMS) Student Council members visit 4K students at Rogers Street Academy in Milwaukee to deliver new winter clothes, books and toys. The December 7 visit was the culmination of a classroom adoption project which involved collecting donations, wrapping gifts and spending time with the 4K students.

“This was one of those experiences that all of us will remember for a lifetime,” said TMS Principal Brad Hoffmann. “To see the genuine emotions from everyone involved let us all know that we were part of something special. Our students are so amazing! They created an experience for each of the 4 year olds that was filled with the pure magic of the holiday spirit.”

Last December, TMS Student Council members adopted one 4K classroom at Rogers Street Academy. This year they chose to double their efforts, adopting two 4K classrooms. They were able to distribute gifts to 40 children. Each child received their own gift box complete with a new winter coat, snow pants, boots, hat, mittens, toys and a small treat-filled stocking. Teachers also received classroom supplies. In addition, more than 100 handmade knit hats were given to the school to distribute to students as needed.

“It was pretty special to me,” explains TMS student Aiden Armstrong. “I have never gotten to do something like this. All the children were so incredible. They were super kind. It was so memorable to me.”

TMS student Gabby Deluisa says spending time with the 4K students reminded her of her own childhood. “Meeting these kids and being able to give back was amazing,” explains Deluisa. “I saw the way her eyes lit up when she saw the tea set she received. It reminded me of when I was little and how I would see those gifts that I really wanted and how much it made me happy. I am glad I got to make her as happy.”

Templeton Middle School Teacher and Student Council Advisor Mary Caucutt says she is grateful to the TMS community for their generous support. “The contagious smiles exchanged at Rogers Street Academy spoke volumes, echoing the profound impact of one-on-one connections,” said Caucutt.