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Hamilton students earn Microsoft certification

Students in Hamilton High School’s “Computer Applications” course continue to earn top state rankings. Second semester rankings are the best since the Microsoft Imagine Academy program began six years ago.

Students completed the productivity strand of the program which includes the opportunity to take three Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification exams in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The following students received special recognition for their perfect exam score.

  • Allison McCurdy – State Champion Microsoft Word
  • Ivan Emerson – State Champion Microsoft Excel
  • Emilie Fuhr – Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Angelika Bourke – Microsoft Excel
  • Cole Brown, Johnathon Waibel, Kaviyan Jayalaksshme Srinivasan and Ryan Lukic – Microsoft PowerPoint

The following students received MOS certification in all three professional exam areas.

  • Abygail Thorpe
  • Aeden Sontag
  • Aiden Rosenthal
  • Alex Granberg
  • Alison Yankee
  • Allison McCurdy
  • Angelika Bourke
  • Autumn Schaumberg
  • Ava Struebing
  • Benjamin Bayer
  • Brooke Klade
  • Caden Mielke
  • Cameron Salazar
  • Camryn Miller
  • Charles Westby
  • Cole Brown
  • Collin Storbakken
  • Colsen Myhre
  • Drew Ausloos
  • Dylan Toryfter
  • Ella Goetsch
  • Eliana Mettler
  • Emilie Fuhr
  • Ethan Hibicke
  • Ethan Serembiczky
  • Eve Westpfahl
  • Gavin Schick
  • Gavin Van Iperen
  • Hayden Paul
  • Isabella Polidori
  • Ivan Emerson
  • Jack Lefler
  • Javen Gaines
  • Johnathon Waibel
  • Justin Krueger
  • Kathryn Rahn
  • Kaviyan Jayalaksshme Srinivasan
  • Kshitij Batra
  • Liam Gatdula
  • Madelyn St. Louis
  • Mae Nasgovitz
  • Matthew Gaglione
  • Maya Christianson
  • Natalie Lassiter
  • Noah Nybroten
  • Noah Sontag
  • Parker Reich
  • Pia Seifert
  • Ryan Lukic
  • Sriakshara Sivakumar
  • Taner Schulz
  • Xander Pearson

Microsoft Imagine Academy is a complete technology education solution connecting staff, teachers, students, employers and local communities through leading-edge technology skills development that lead to industry standard certifications.