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Hamilton Schools raise funds for American Heart Association

Students, staff and families in the Hamilton School District worked together to raise $55,000 for the American Heart Association.

Maple Avenue and Marcy Elementary Schools fitness education teachers coordinated participation in the Kids Heart Challenge, a fundraising and physical activity program that teaches children how to keep fit and healthy while having fun and raising vital funds for heart disease research and education. Templeton Middle School students gave donations to participate in a speed free throw competition.

Maple Avenue students who raised at least $150 had the opportunity to cover Fitness Education Teacher Chris Totero in silly string.

“I always enjoy the excitement from the students when they know that they are raising money to help other kids close to or the same age with sick hearts,” said Totero. “Volunteering for Kids Heart Challenge has provided an excellent opportunity to make a difference in my community. It has helped to make sure that my students have access to information and support that will help them to lead healthier lives. Additionally, I have the opportunity to work with teachers, parents and students to create educational programs that can help to promote healthy habits.”