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Schools raise funds for heart association through activities

Students, staff and families in the Hamilton School District made significant contributions to support the American Heart Association this year through fitness activities that emphasize healthy living. Combined, schools raised $58,258 through Kids Heart Challenge, Red Out Day activities and free throw competition.

Maple Avenue and Marcy Elementary Schools fitness education teachers coordinated participation in the Kids Heart Challenge, a fundraising and physical activity program that teaches school-aged children how to keep fit and healthy, all while having fun and raising vital funds for heart disease research and education. Children learn physical activities like rope-jumping to help improve their strength, gain confidence, build stamina and extend their physical abilities in other activities. Maple Avenue Fitness Education Teacher Christopher Totero will be “slimed” by students who raised the most donations. The student who raised the most money in the school received temporary gymnasium naming rights.

Templeton Middle School students gave donations to be able to participate in a speed free throw competition. The shooting game helps improve accuracy, rebounding and overall hustle.

Hamilton High School hosted a “Red Out” spirit day during a boys’ volleyball game. Students also raised money by selling red t-shirts and baked goods and holding a silent auction and raffle.