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Hamilton students earn industry certification

Hamilton High School students enrolled in marketing and entrepreneurship classes were given the opportunity to take industry certification exams administered by the Institute for the Assessment of Skills and Knowledge of Business (A*S*K Business Institute).

Amanda Fields’ marketing class completed the Fundamental Marketing Concepts certification exam while students in Chris Oechsner’s entrepreneurship class completed the Concepts of Entrepreneurship and Management exam.

Seventeen students received industry certification. Those students are:

  • Justice Bates;
  • Amelia Berrall;
  • Evan Bunker;
  • Ethan Buttrum;
  • Adam Heberer;
  • Luke Kaul;
  • Charlie Klawitter;
  • Natalie Lassiter;
  • Matthew Maher;
  • Alexander Meihsner;
  • Benjamin Mumper;
  • Natalie Olson;
  • Dylan Patch;
  • Jack Schwartz;
  • Grace Stefaniak;
  • Mya Trafficante; and
  • Mitchell Westfahl.

A*S*K Business Institute exams and certificates are based on performance indicators derived from the MBA Research and Curriculum Center’s continuing research of the business community. MBA Research is a not-for-profit, research-based support center for high school and post-secondary educators and administrators.